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July 18, 2017

Finding your balance between health and a life with Nathalie Botros

Nathalie Botros is a psychologist, certified health coach, and an expert in living well. She is also the author of the new book entitled If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl. In this book, she emphasizes her approach to living well through numerous useful tips and tools.

One tool that Nathalie recommends using is a food journal. In this journal, one should not only write down what they ate, but also why, where, and at what time. All these details will help reveal why the choice was made to eat such foods. It also helps one to determine one’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to food.

Nathalie also discusses the importance of organic foods through the dirty dozen and the clean 15. The dirty dozen are foods that should only be consumed in their organic form due to the difficulty in cleaning off pesticides. These include apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, nectarines, cucumbers, snap peas, blueberries, spinach, sweet bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, and hot peppers.

Conversely, the clean 15 includes foods that can be consumed as is or in their organic form. These include avocado, sweet corn, pineapple, cabbage, onion, papaya, kiwi, eggplant, cantaloupe, sweet potato, sweet peas, asparagus, mango, grapefruit, and cauliflower.

Nathalie also talks about the importance of exercising with living well. Endorphins released as a result of working out give you a positive feeling and an overall boost of energy. She recommends choosing the correct workout for you, easing into the routine, and increasing frequency when ready.

Nathalie believes that if you are happy, you can make it happen. She recommends finding something positive about each day to feel better and be more accepting and loving of yourself.

To learn more about If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl, or to connect with Nathalie Botros, visit http://www.thebon-vivantgirl.com.

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Mindfulness eating with Lynn Rossy

July 3, 2017

How to live until you die with Dr. Phil Carson

Dr. Phil Carson is a certified consultant pharmacist, life coach, and the founder of Carson Natural Health. He is also an accomplished speaker and author of the new book, How To Live Until You Die. In this book, Dr. Phil explains the importance of maintaining balance in your overall life and provides tips and tools to help you keep your body, soul, and spirit in balance.

Dr. Phil uses the acronym NEWSSSS to remind readers what areas they should focus on to maintain balance in their lives. NEWSSSS includes:

Nutrition—deficiencies can cause many health problems
Exercise—start somewhere and be part of a consistent exercise routine
Water—keep hydrated to avoid effects of dehydration
Sleep—important for maintaining or losing weight
Supplements—use food source nutrients instead of synthetic supplements
Soul— emotional or mental trauma can disrupt the body physically as well
Spirit—prayer, meditation, and volunteering can do wonders for our health

Dr. Phil also establishes some basic nutrition rules. Some of these include:

1. Avoid the seven major toxins, including artificial sweeteners
2. Eat real food and avoid processed food
3. Eat balanced meals on a regular schedule
4. Do a genetic assessment to determine what is nutritionally best for you

In regards to exercise, Dr. Phil recommends keeping it simple and finding something that you love to do. Engage in some type of physical activity and be consistent. Find someone to keep you accountable and make the activity part of your everyday schedule.

To learn more about How To Live Until You Die or to connect with Dr. Phil, visit http://www.carsonnatural.com or http://www.howtoliveuntilyoudie.com. You can also learn more via The Feeling Good Podcast.



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June 26, 2017

The metabolic approach to cancer with Dr. Nasha Winters and Jess Higgins Kelley

Note: The audio at the beginning of the interview had a bit of feedback.  It improves shortly into the program.

50% of people will deal with cancer in their lifetime. This informative and groundbreaking new book written by physician Dr. Nasha Winters and nutritionist Jess Higgins Kelley entitled The Metabolic Approach to Cancer gives readers the tools to manage their own healthcare.

In order for a cell to become cancerous, there are 10 security systems that a cell has to breach. This is referred to as the 10 hallmarks of cancer, which are listed below:

  1. Sustained proliferation
  2. Insensitivity to anti-growth signals
  3. Evade apoptosis
  4. Limitless replicative potential
  5. Angiogenesis sustained
  6. Metastasis
  7. Able to reprogram energy metabolism
  8. Avoid immune destruction
  9. Able to promote inflammation
  10. Genome instability and mutation

The philosophy described in the book, the Terrain Ten, details a whole body approach versus just one target or a single treatment approach. This is a complement to western medicine and provides another way to look at the cancer process—one with more of an emphasis on prevention and achieving optimal health.

Ketosis is also discussed, as it may be a good approach if you feel you have a high risk of cancer. The ketogenic diet addresses at least six of the 10 hallmarks of cancer. It also impacts the Terrain Ten in each area and works well as a preventative approach.

The wide range in food quality is also an important factor, as the food we eat is critical when it comes to our health. The authors explain that we need to look at the type of meat we are eating and the kinds of fats being used. Cooking at high temperatures also creates a small problem, as the process can create carcinogens. Lowering the heat, marinating the meat, and using herbs, spices, and seasonings are recommended.

For more information about The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, visit http://optimalterrainconsulting.com/the-book/ or check out the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Facebook page. For more information about assessing your Terrain Ten or to contact Dr. Nasha Winters, visit www.optimalterrainconsulting.com or visit the Optimal Terrain Consulting Facebook page. To contact Jess Higgins Kelley, visit http://www.remissionnutrition.com or visit the Remission Nutrition Facebook page.


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An antidote for alzheimer's with Amy Berger

June 19, 2017

The power of anti-inflammatory foods with Beverly Bennett

Beverly Lynn Bennett is a vegan chef and baker and the author of the new book, Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Recipes.  This book gives you a vegan approach to dealing with inflammation.

After a fall while working in the restaurant industry, Beverly severely injured her back. After meeting with several doctors, she began doing research into alternative approaches to healing, including different foods that might help her condition. She learned about anti-inflammatory foods, began including more of these in her diet, and started seeing a real change in her health.

Beverly describes the many health consequences of being in chronic inflammation. These can include an increased incidence of cancer, increased levels of insulin that can cause diabetes, and aging. Blood clots, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, or possibly Alzheimer’s Disease are other possible implications. Allergies, asthma, skin issues, and autoimmune diseases can also arise as a result.

Beverly recommends listening to your body. Treat yourself as your own experiment to determine what’s good for you and what is not. Incorporate different foods with anti-inflammatory properties and pay attention to changes in how you look and feel.

The book includes recipes with a variety of foods spanning all different colors. There are mixes of sweet and savory recipes, which are also gluten-free. Each anti-inflammatory ingredient is highlighted in a different color within each recipe, which makes the guide easy to use.

To connect with Beverly or to learn more about Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Recipes, visit http://www.veganchef.com or http://www.bookpubco.com.


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The end of heart disease | Dr. Joel Fuhrman

June 12, 2017

Starting your wellness project with Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine is a food writer and the author of The Wellness Project, a sort of memoir and guide describing her journey to better health.

Phoebe spent a year addressing her health issues and the approaches she took to reclaim her health after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland. She decided to go the slow and steady route with her lifestyle change. She reached out to people she knew in the wellness space and developed a 12-month curriculum that covered digestive health, hormone health, alignment, sleep, hydration, and much more. Her goal was to focus not only on food and exercise, but to look at every piece and determine how they fit together moving forward in creating a healthier lifestyle. The Wellness Project describes this journey and her outcomes.

One of Phoebe’s first experiments was giving up sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. If we are not metabolizing caffeine correctly, it can cause an estrogen dominance which can be problematic for the thyroid. She made the decision to abstain from these things for a while, and incorporated them back in moderation.

Phoebe also discusses hydration tips. If you’re drinking a lot of water, you have to make sure you have something else in your body to absorb those minerals; Phoebe recommends fiber. Have a glass of water with lemon juice and sea salt upon waking up in the morning to jumpstart your hydration.

She also shares a few diet tips:
1. Try an elimination diet.
2. Eat organic when you can.
3. Keep a food journal.
4. Eat plants and vegetables.
5. Make sure you are eating high-quality meats.

Phoebe recommends daily meditation and journaling to manage stress and practice gratitude.

To connect with Phoebe Lapine or to learn more about The Wellness Project, visit http://www.feedmephoebe.com or http://www.phoebelapine.com.


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