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United StatesUnited States2019-12-085Clarisse GomezAwesome Podcast!!!Allan, host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
United StatesUnited States2019-11-115ccarbs7Great podcastI’m a new listener to the show and I definitely enjoy it. Super informative and features interviews with a wide range of experts in the health and nutrition space. As a personal trainer and someone who has always been focused on nutrition in some way, I appreciate the insights here. Thanks! Recommend it.
United StatesUnited States2019-10-284ND#33InformativeI am a retired registered nurse. Within the profession, one can be socialized to put the needs of others before yourself. My inconsistent fitness “life” over the years as a wife, mom and health care professional lended me to put myself last more often than not; coupled with excuses I made for “being busy”. I have taken the steps since retirement to reclaim my health, fitness regimen and overall wellness. I came across this podcast today and was pleased to see it is for the 40+crowd which is awesome. I have listened to three episodes in a row and I find I am listening to a partner in health. Thank you for such an informative podcast.
United StatesUnited States2019-08-125mljeffFinally a health podcast for older guysOlder guys can face many health challenges as you know , appreciated the episode about prostrate cancer. That was real for me about ten years ago. Maybe topics for future podcasts? Fitness after surviving a stroke, dealing with sleep apnea, arthritis, total hip replacement. Sometimes we should be thankful for doing what we can while we can.
United StatesUnited States2019-04-105Maze DeckerSo good!This show has one of the best contents that are incredibly helpful in terms of leading and living a healthier life. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to become fit and have knowledge in terms of improving not just the body but also the mind. 5/5
United StatesUnited States2019-01-145J. BarshopAwesome show, highly recommend!Allan and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The 40+ Fitness Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind & spirit (and experience life with a new physical and emotional resilience as a result)!
United StatesUnited States2018-11-031gvftrdciuDon’t followAnybody who has a high LDL cholesterol and blows off his doctor is not worth listening to. I find he asks guests questions and really doesn’t listen. They respond he goes uh huh (whatever) and then yaps for the next few minutes.
United StatesUnited States2018-07-215J. BethGreat podcastSo glad I found this podcast. Wonderful guests and fantastic host.
United StatesUnited States2018-06-145Ralph 333Diabetic Code ReviewVery nice review with Megan Ramos of the dietary issues and approaches to type 2 diabetes. Allan is an excellent facilitator who is also very well versed in many of the nutritional therapies for chronic health disorders.
United StatesUnited States2018-05-275NCChapCapSUPER MONTHLY CHALLENGSFor April and May, Allan has offered FREE fitness challenges that have been super for breaking me out of my regular fitness routine. First was squats, then came burpees. Even though I entered the CHALLENGES at the Beginner level only, Allan's daily fluctuations in the Workout of the Day and management of the month-long process have proven beneficial for my performance and stamina. Thanks to Allan for his insight, creativity, and wisdom.
United StatesUnited States2018-05-135Bernie K CPTCPTI have been listening to 40+ fitness for several months and am very impressed with the variey of topics and depth of the content. I don't think that there are too many fitness professionals with the knowledge and passion that Allan has. This podcast is easy to listen too and provides great information to anyone who has an interest in fitness. Bernie Klos
United StatesUnited States2018-05-075MaddiebugGraciegooseGreat content; super relevantExcellent lineup of guests, and the topics challenge me to think about my fitness in new ways. Thanks for a great podcast!
United StatesUnited States2018-05-045Cantus1970Finally, a fitness podcast targeted toward my age!I really like the variety of topics that are covered, and the fact that the information is targeted toward folks "of a certain age" is so refreshing. So many podcasts, in contrast, seem to be geared toward the hardcore 20's and early 30's folks who have yet to experience some of the rich experiences (that may or mat not contribute to the aging process!) of life. This podcast is my first go-to when choosing my listening material for exercise and commuting (by foot) to work. Thanks, Allan, and keep up the good work.
United StatesUnited States2018-03-215Noah’s Wife"All Right, Let's Go"...That’s Allan’s rallying call to me every morning when I get on my treadmill. Allan is a delight to listen to. Very helpful information is presented in a motivational, non-judgmental, and entertaining way. He changes the subject matter all the time, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional health issues that affect us all. A year later, I am still enjoying the podcast very much. Recently, I joined Allan’s body weight squat challenge. I found the motivation and accountability so helpful that I also signed up for his Surefire Results for Weight Loss. This is a very helpful plan of action if you are looking to make some weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. It is really apparent that Allan cares about us and is passionate about having us join him in the quest to be healthy! So thank you, Allan, for keeping me healthy and motivated!
United StatesUnited States2018-03-025KJT600MotivationI have just finished a Squat challenge with Alan and really enjoyed it, I am now doing another program with him. Lots of tips and learning things that I did not know. I listen to the podcasts as I walk and get alot of information that can help in my health journey. Thanks for all you do Alan!
United StatesUnited States2018-03-015Skima girlThanks Allan!I’m an ongoing training client and podcast listener and just finished Allan’s February “Squat Challenge!” With Allan’s encouragement I went with the intermediate level, and glad he pushed me to do so. Always enjoy the podcasts—motivating, informative, and nice length for listening.
United StatesUnited States2017-11-095Kmouse2One of the best!!I've been subscribed to Alan's show for some time & he continues to be among the best, with a variety of thought provoking guests & topics. I really appreciate how he responds to his listeners & is committed to providing the best for them. I've also come to appreciate his consistency, as a lot of shows I subscribe to have dropped out of sight! Every week, Alan is there (and sometimes even with bonus episodes)! Definitely staying subscribed!!
United StatesUnited States2017-10-084Neb688Great stuff to think about during long walksI listen to this podcast as I walk for fitness. I like many of the topics and have gained some helpful insights. I think my favorite was an interview with the author of A Funeral for my Fat. I shared that one on the Weight Watchers Connect site many times (it is like FB for WW subscribers and incredibly supportive and positive). From time to time the guests seem to have some questionable science but I just stop listening to that particular podcast and check out others. I believe the host really does want to help others.
United StatesUnited States2017-08-245MickeadRasI've listened to this podcast for over 2 years now and never miss an episode! I've learned and applied a great deal of information and it has paid off. I've lost weight, gained strength and have learned to tailor activities toward meeting certain goals. I thoroughly enjoy listening to these podcasts while weight-lifting or walking.
United StatesUnited States2017-08-235Dwayne from Wilton, WIAll the information you need!Great guests and you can get more nutrition and fitness info from Allan's past episodes than you could with a 4 year degree! I'm 53 (zero meds) and making remarkable progress with my lifestyle changes and this is the podcast that really got me motivated. I am sad that it's only once a week now, but realize Allan needs a life too. Great work, keep it up! Thanks for all you do for us.
United StatesUnited States2017-07-035LMVnHavaneseAre You Ready To Make a Change?Change....and the motivation to start and keep it going....is hard BUT this podcast is THE tool no matter what your age (don't let the title fool you!). The variety of health, nutrition and fitness topics, the author interviews and the evolving discussions are fun, intelligent and thought provoking. This podcast is the perfect accompaniment to adopting, maintaining a healthy lifestyle thanks to the dedicated host who has evolved himself. Well done!!!!
United StatesUnited States2017-05-265Gisele_OliveiraLove this show!It really helps so many people to get fit in their later life. More episodes to come. Congrats!
United StatesUnited States2017-05-135Rich 1800Extremely HelpfulThis is a great listen both for those of us who are struggling with weight and health issues, or those who just want to maintain health. The shows are concise and to the point, and you can go back through the archives and find someting that is relevant to your current situation. It's much more than just nutrition...theres great information in all sorts of topics from managing stress, how to avoid pitfalls and just becoming a better version of yourself. Great job Allan.
United StatesUnited States2017-05-025CaraF13Awesome Podcast with Insightful GuestsI greatly appreciate how Full this Podcast is! Allan brings on such guests who are authors. One author who I greatly appreciated was Dr. Joe Tatta. His discussion about pain was fascinating! Learning the more exact definition of pain was so helpful along with being reminded of the power of mantras. Thank you for the golden nuggets of : the way we think impacts the way we experience pain, when chronic pain arises tune into what emotions were present prior to the onset of the pain, pain has a strong correlation to emotional states. Thank you for these awesome insights and cheers to more peace of mind! InterviewvaletCF
United StatesUnited States2017-04-175NephirocksGreat informationI loved the interview with Dr. Sara Gotfried! I learned so much! I'm grateful that Allan gears his expertise toward the 40+ clan! Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2017-03-305JttornAwesome and informativeStarted listening within the last month. Went thru the feed and cherry-picked certain episodes I thought would peak my interest and LOVED it. Went back and downloaded the rest. I have not found one episode yet that I have not learned at least something or helped motivate me. Very informative and motivational!!!
United StatesUnited States2017-03-305Tina van DGreat for 40 + OR under 40 listenersI first heard Allan on the primal blueprint podcast and sought him out from there. All his podcasts are informative, usable information for helping people become healthier. Now a subscriber to his podcasts, I look forward to every episode.
United StatesUnited States2017-03-275Dollars&CentsGreat Informative Content!This is a great podcast. I am a male over 40 and I love the informative content that this podcast provides me. Everyone needs to subscribe to this podcast to keep abreast of current health information that could affect their life. I can't wait for new episodes to come out and they come out regularly. Thank you for providing quick informative podcast that keep me learning new things to lengthen and strength in my life.
United StatesUnited States2017-03-215HDarwanGreat PodcastLots of useful information
United StatesUnited States2017-03-215Rogers739Great pod cats for fitnessAs a recent arrival to the 40 plus year old group I can say this is a great pod cast for fitness for my age group. Thanks Allan!
United StatesUnited States2017-03-045Tomater 55AwesomeThank you for helping us to stay on track...
United StatesUnited States2017-03-035KenPDurham40+ = Awesome!Allan Misner continually surprises me with each new episode. He doesn't just focus physical workouts but also hits other target areas like diet and mental well being. Don't let the title fool you as 20+ would get as much from this as well as 60+. He also interviews people from all walks of life and often times they may have a different philosophy or strategy than Allan but he shares their view allowing us to make decisions that work for our lifestyle. Thanks Allan and I look forward to each new episode.
United StatesUnited States2017-02-025LivinLaVidaLiteralGreat StuffI found these podcasts and the website extremely helpful in my quest to get healthier. There is a lot of great information here. A real gem.
United StatesUnited States2017-02-015papergirl61Episode 210 Nobody's Perfectthank you. I've been listening to your Podcasts for a very short time and have really enjoyed them. Today I listened to episode 210 and it was exactly what I needed to hear. it was real and honest. Thank you so much for sharing it was inspiring to hear and I look forward to more of your podcasts.
United StatesUnited States2017-01-295MMMSM.Great variety of topicsI am fairly new to the 40+Fitness podcast but there already been numerous great topics, I am looking forward to each episode.
United StatesUnited States2016-12-303PeletongirlGood contentThis podcast has solid, relevant content for the 40+ fitness enthusiast. The sound quality, though, is very "tinny" and far away. Maybe if the author could get closer to the microphone, it would sound better. Unfortunately, good content that is hard to listen to (iphone or through Bluetooth speakers) gets a lower rating for me. I wish I could rate this higher, but the sound quality hinders a higher rating for me. ;(
United StatesUnited States2016-11-045R2RS88ExcellentAn excellent podcast for those looking for some fitness advice. Covers many different parts of fitness. In general points you in a direction if you need more help or information on a topic. He seems like a good guy w/ a positive outlook on life. I would think a great podcast for those that need some help.
United StatesUnited States2016-10-225Ned4Fit11 Best Bodyweight ExcercisesAllen's podcasts have removed personal barriers to fitness that I had allowed to get in my way. They are an awesome tool for motivation and continuity.
United StatesUnited States2016-06-255Theresa Larson, DPTBeing healthy is a way of life and a choiceI really appreciate this podcast as someone who works with the masters athletes in the strength and conditioning world. Allan brings in talented people but also knows a lot of about movement, nutrition, and how to motivate someone to live a healthy lifestyle. The information on this show is empowering and practiced by the best. If you work with masters individuals (40 +) or are a masters athlete, then you need to listen to this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2016-06-195WWPNI NEED this Podcast in my life!I just finished listening to the podcast in which Allan gives the top 5 fitness/nutrition podcasts he listens to daily. As a 50-year-old fitness trainer, this podcast is a tremendous resource and guide for me personally and professionally. I glean real time health and fitness nuggets from Alan and the top notch authors and guests he presents. We are in a field that is constantly evolving so staying current and ahead is necessary. I have a treasure trove to check out in the archives of this new and valuable resource. I will absolutely share 40+ Fitness with my clients, customers and friends!
United StatesUnited States2016-06-155Stogie40AwesomenessThis is an amazing podcast full of uplifting stories and invaluable information. I'm so glad there is something like this for people our age.
United StatesUnited States2016-06-015JPSosoReal Fitness Advice for Mature Indiviuals!As a previously active person, I found returning to a fitness routine as a 60-something problematic. Allan provides invaluable information that makes sense for me. Allan shows you that you can grow wiser and fitter!
United StatesUnited States2016-05-195GetupdosomethingGreat bitesGreat bites of information delivered in a short format with interesting and helpful topics.
United StatesUnited States2016-05-195WHEJR59 + Thank youAllan provides interesting guests and information that will help you manage your weight and fitness. I will be 60 in a couple of months and feel better because of the time I spend exercising. My diet continues to hold me back, but Allan has influenced the way I feel about food and I am making healthier choices. I listen while I am running or biking. Thank you Allan!
United StatesUnited States2016-03-315GostephensMotivationalI really look forward to each podcast. They really keep me motivated and educates me as I push for my goals.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-185Daisy and Gracie’s MomFresh and inspirational!Allan does a great job of sharing the results of his extensive research into fitness, nutrition and health. His targeted approach to a variety of topics makes each episode of this podcast interesting and enlightening. I appreciate his understanding that his listeners aren’t 22 anymore—have shoes that old—and he takes that into account.
United StatesUnited States2016-03-175Mu5tard5eed55MsI can't wait to go on my walk and listen to this podcast. It features top professional guests, research based healthy ideas, and success stories of real people with a the same struggles as all of my us. Truly a diamond in the rough.
United StatesUnited States2016-02-125dabarchGreat Podcast!Great topics that are short and sweet! Being over 40 and working on becoming and Ice Hockey goalie, i find this podcast beneficial to helping me along in that process. Thanks Allan for a great podcast!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-065ItsMeRDGreat!Really quality info here!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055Amanda BayerleLove the concept of this podcast 👊👊What a great resource. Love the format and enjoy that it's for 40+ because it's SOO important to be healthy 🙂
IrelandIreland2017-03-175Galway girl 23Fitness motivation for allI'm only just in the "40+" demographic but I wish I had come across this series years ago. Motivation and sensible advice for all ages.
CanadaCanada2018-11-095Ed AB CanadaI am 51 and really enjoy your podcastsI have had a lot of health issues ranging from Thyroid cancer in 2003 and 2 years of radioactive iodine treatments. Twelve years later to being diagnosed with a rare type of diabetes which is Hormonal Diabetes Type 2 which will develop into type 1 Diabetes in the next 10-12 years. My weight back in 2015 was 215 lbs till 157 lbs now and BMI is now 28. I started doing yoga a couple of weeks ago and am starting to feel the difference in the strength. For the first time in years l feel comfortable in my own skin.
CanadaCanada2018-02-245cowboyjunkeyGreat tips as you ageI’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast. The two most influential guests were Jeff Horowitz talking about his book Ageless Strength and Matt Fitzgerald talking about his book The Endurance Diet. I got both of their books and they have really helped me orient myself to better health.
CanadaCanada2017-08-235S KaminskiLove This PodcastLove this podcast! Allan brings on fantastic guests and has a knack at asking the most intriguing questions that I'd like to ask myself. Thanks so much for helping the over 40 crowd with your no nonesense approach.
CanadaCanada2017-05-07540 and gettin in shape!!Such an awesome podcastThis is a great podcast! It consistently provides excellent, cutting edge information suitable for beginners right through to the hardcore fitness enthusiasts. Allan is really knowledgable, encouraging and totally relatable. I always look forward to the next episode, thanks Allan!!
CanadaCanada2016-01-225Kelowna Business OwnerBig Help To My Weight Loss GoalsEnjoyed the podcast and have gotten some great tips as I work on my new year fitness goals.
CanadaCanada2016-01-225bweikleGood stuffIt’s inspiring to hear the real-world stories of people who are transforming their lives with fitness. It’s absolutely never too late to lead a healthier lifestyle!
CanadaCanada2016-01-025Plant-Based MomGreat ShowAn informative show that gets you moving and keeps you motivated. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes!
CanadaCanada2015-12-215The Spark & The Art PodcastMay As Well Start Moving NowI love the friendly tone and the powerful advice in these bite-sized episodes.
CanadaCanada2015-12-185Ocean LeaderYES!Great niche! 40 is the new 20!
CanadaCanada2015-12-185mdaciukGreat ShowBeing a PT and Functional Medicine Practitioner, I can relate to this show. I love the niche play and your passion for helping the world. Great radio voice and very relaxing approach.
CanadaCanada2015-12-185T. BasuListen and exercise!Great podcast. I'm doing exactly what the introduction suggests: listening to it while exercising. Thanks for all the great tips and for encouraging others to make their health a priority!
CanadaCanada2015-12-125Aditya of My Seven ChakrasGreat contentI really enjoyed listening to the episode featuring 'Rightstyle Living'. Just working out, without the correct nutrition and meal plan is a waste of time. I am looking forward to learning more about their service, mobile app and shopping list feature in particular! Thanks for sharing Allan!
CanadaCanada2015-12-115Sheena Yap Chanlove this podcasti always believe age is nothing but a number and this podcast proves it. you can start your fitness at any age. thank u for sharing this podcast and educating older folks that you can achieve fitness in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-06-115MHC UKConsistently informative podcastI am 68 and currently in good health. I have been a regular subscriber to this excellent podcast. I particularly liked the last one I listened to, Alan conversation with Dr. Bubb was enlightening. Thank you. Mike from the U.K.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-10-145BronÌle40+ ..... and a bit!Well I’m 66, which I suppose is sort of 40+, and this is one of my favourite podcasts for running to. Loads of useful info about diet and general wellness.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-03-275stretchakasnoopyHighly recommended for anyone seeking improved healthExcellent podcast! Very informative and really helps me train better.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-02-285Mjpred7Unbiased adviceAlan always gives a warts and all assessment of health topics. It is my go to podcast for down to earth advice
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2016-11-055RainbowZimboGreat podcastIf my income stretched to having a personal coach this would be my guy. Allan delivers useful information with a calm, informed and steady approach. The start of his show tells me a lot about him. Its a brief, to-the-point introduction and then he simply says "Are you ready? ...Let's go.." Just the way he says it gives you the feeling he'd be by your side every step of the way, with your best interests at heart, not strutting his stuff telling you how great he thinks he is!!!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2016-04-115Spearsie BoyA wealth of informationExtremely well thought out podcasts for the mature listener. Provides motivational advice and tips on how to improver your wellbeing.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2015-12-185Happy customer 2013 FwGreat tips and advice!This podcast is so useful! I’m not 40 yet, but will be in a few years, and I’m really enjoying the fitness inspiration and practical advice that I’m getting from this podcast. It makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle much easier.
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055@SkeoCEOGlad I Found This ShowWill be listening every morning for 15 minutes on my treadmill!
United StatesUnited States2016-02-055DCulvegreat podcast!Allan delivers so much great information for the 40+ age range. It’s so important to stay fit and healthy as you get older! He’s going to help you get and stay healthy!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-305marc @ talking theater podcastI Needed to Find this OneI’m over 40 and I need to get in better shape, so I’m very happy that I found this podcast! Allan knows his stuff and I’m looking forward to hearing more.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-305jbadd123I was looking for thisGreat show!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-295Todd OfficerTreadmill ListeningA lot of good content with valuable information......and the perfect length.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-285Doug - Mind Drippings MediaBe Fit - Live HappyThis is a great show for the 40+ crowd aiming to stay informed and motivated to keep fit.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-285Youngman BrownKeeps you on trackSome great tips and inspirational advice that is sure to keep you on track. Wonderful audio quality as well!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-245Sgt. StormAwesome StuffThis is an excellent resource for people over 40. We need such a focus because it really gets tough over a certain age. Great listen.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-235AlfHerigstadFantastic!This is a desperately needed and growing niche. I’m 53 and my classmates are dying left and right starting about ten years ago. This podcast is also well produced and easy to listen to, the website is user friendly as well. Great job!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-205Digging this game!Very informative!I always learn something new each time I listen!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-185Brian Town40 plus...Yeah. That is me…tried doing it on my own, but needed just a bit of help. This podcast did it. Watch out beach. (still might scare people…but not as bad)
United StatesUnited States2016-01-185Tam.me68So dedicated to helping others get healthy!Allan has dedicated so much time and energy into each of his podcasts. He researches every subject and has this thirst for knowledge so he can help others be healthy and fit. Each podcast is only 15 minutes long yet its so full of great advice. A must listen to if you are over 40 and want to live a healthier life!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-165JadekatzInspiring podcastI have found the podcast both informative and motivative. I look forward to each daily new podcast as it pushes me to make health and exercise a priority.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155😄😎👠A definite keeper!I listen to a lot of fitness podcasts - usually while I'm working out. This one is the first podcast I've listened to where they are giving advice and they also suggested that I get moving during the podcast. Love it! Quality information given too.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-155😄😎👠Get moving!Very well done podcast. I listened to an interview during my morning workout and I thought the information provided was high quality and easily usable. Plus, I love the gentle suggestion to get moving while you listen.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-125@DavidRachfordSolid Info, Nice VarietyAllan does a nice job of varying the theme. He's got "expert" interviews, a day discussing science & research studies, a weekly success story, listen in on a coaching call or consultation, so we get to explore topics from multiple viewpoints. Allan is knowledgeable and his friendly demeanor are easy to listen to. While I like the premise of the moving during the 15-ish minutes of the podcast, It's a little mellow for me to work out to; I like to listen to this show at my office.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-115LJCNY61PerfectAllan speaks to you! He doesn't have to swear and yell....he tells the facts, share great information and encourages in a great way! I found the podcast,download ALL of them after listen the 1 podcast and look forward to more to come. Thank you!!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-115Gregg ClunisGreat show!The episode on music was a perfect validation for building my current exercise program
United StatesUnited States2016-01-105JV Crum IIIAllan has the answersAllan has a clear focus, and if you are 40 or over, it’s to help you get healthy and fit. Great focus for a show and wide range of guests who are in this target market. As a certified trainer, he guides the listener through what works in each area of discussion. Great concept and execution, Allan.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-095JohnandLynette47 and Picking up the Pace!Really enjoying the information and motivation provided here. Looking forward to hearing more!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-095Joel BoggessWell Done Allan!We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to make this show happen!! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
United StatesUnited States2016-01-095AlisaIvorySmithGreat content!!!Allan Misner delivers great content through education and encouragement. I really enjoy listening to each episode!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-085Lisa VogtListen and feel great!"Taking the work out of workout." As a 40++ woman I appreciate this perspective and look forward to more motivation from this podcast. It sounds great and will help to make you feel great!!!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-085AnissaMacLots of Wisdom Here!Great podcast with great information.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-085Podcast MomAwesome showSo many great useful topics!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-085TheCustomer4025Growing younger!Love the topics and inspiration for the 40+ crowd!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-075Lexia5dances56AmazingThis podcast is amazing. It’s full of helpful knowledge, and gives you the best motivation. An amazing podcast. Perfect for those of us who aren’t as young as we use to be.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-065WackyJuanRight up my alleyThis show is right up my alley. I'm getting older (but not old just yet!) and the health info that Allan gives in each episode is great stuff. Keep it up and I'll keep listening.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-0657milernMove (and get inspired) for 15 minutes!This podcast is an excellent motivation for making healthy changes in my life and sticking to my fitness goals! I listen to it while I am walking or doing chores around the house. I am so glad I came across it in iTunes.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-065Simon W ChanVery encouraging!I appreciate all the host, he really did a great job. He wants people to become more health conscious specially the older age and doing it in a easiest way possible. Great show!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-035Denny KraheGreat ShowIt’s never to late to start working on improving your health! If you’re in the 40+ demo, this show will help you get started with taking control of your life before it’s too later!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-025TherykerdaneGreat show!This is a great show and is great for that demographic that is a little older and really wants to lose some body fat and get in shape. He helps and guides you through this process.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015Coach FaydraMotivating PodcastGreat podcast that is perfect for my age group! Loved the content and the high quality guests.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015johnackleyYep, you’re getting older… Take a ListenI am definitely in Allan’s target audience. Through many episodes, I’m thinking, “phew! way too close to home” Allan knows fitness and he has a great way of relating practical knowledge about health in a way that makes sense.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015BeachPBMake fitness a part of your life!I am not quite in my forties yet but fitness is a big part of my life and Allan does an incredible job with this podcast geared towards people who are in their forties and older. Thank you for creating this podcast and sharing the message that we all need to make fitness a part of our lives no matter how old we are!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015jamesnewcomb.ioPerfect NicheI’m about to become 40+ this year, this is the perfect podcast for me! Keep them coming 🙂
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015Justin Gloverjust keep movin!Thanks for bringing the value Allan! I’m digging the podcast. I’ve only listened to a couple episodes but I’m subscribed and looking forward to diving into more episodes this week! I loved the episode on sleep. Keep it up my friend.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015M. M.D. KelleyFitness Information I can relate toI love this podcast. As a 40+ woman I found the information both credible and actionable. Thank you so much and keep it coming.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015THEREALMMASONHealthy dose of clean, good infoGreat podcast. Answered a lot of health and fitness questions I've had for a while.
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015mlkpypScience-based advice for mid-life fitness successI appreciate how Allan references credible scientific sources as he talks about getting and staying fit in mid life. There is so much misinformation out there about what to eat, whether or not it's okay to have alcohol, how often we need to exercise to be healthy, etc. Allan is a friendly and knowledgable voice that cuts through the clutter and gets right to the heart of what we need to know to be vibrant at any age!
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015FixeroneGreat show!Great show! Keep it up!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-285JayWillis1Rockin' the 40s!Just listened to Allan's episode about sleep and it hit me right between the eyes at just the right time (after weeks of not getting enough sleep! This show offers great health tips in bite-sized chunks, which to me seems more actionable than presenting a big list of things to do. Love the idea of moving the whole time you're listening to the show. Looking forward to listening to more episodes with Allan!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-275Gretchen SchultekLive long and prosper!Tune in to this podcast to get ideas for how to remain healthy and active as you gain in years of wisdom
United StatesUnited States2015-12-275Speaking@krcSent this to my family!Such an important topic that no one else is really covering. Easy to understand content that is manageable... I sent this to family members because i know they will benefit from it!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-265Cleaning coachGreat show!This show motivates me. I can do anything for 15 minutes!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-255melinizNo more excusesIt is much harder to get fit or remain fit as you get older. Your metabolism slows down and you are more prone to injuries (imho)....but it's all about the attitude and mindset. No more excuses...especially since this podcast is here and talks about the steps to help you get fit!!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-255Jeff AgostinelliGreat Podcast!Allan’s love for his craft comes through in this show. It’s a great length of show in perfect bite size chunks. It’s full of simple actionable insights from real interactions. Check it out!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-255Mother JenAmazing!Great work!!!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-225magix3dEasily the best bang for buck, time investment for fitness adviceStaying fit after 40 can be a huge challenge , but this podcast is motivating me to keep things up.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-195HangOnLooselyReal, Honest, and RelevantAs a 40+ male this is perfect and was a pleasure to listen to. Episode 5 was a great episode to randomly select to start with. It was all about Alan’s story. It was a enjoyable listen and has actionable items for a better life!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185Steven GomezInspiration to get up and move!Short, to-the-point episodes designed to get you to take action and get fit. A good ballance of diet, exercise, and passion for healthy living. Highly recommended!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185Joel BoggessExcellent Resource for Guys my Age!We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to make this show happen! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185Harry DuranA 5+ Recommendation From a Fellow 40+'er!Thanks to Allan for going niche in the fitness genre and realizing that folks in this age bracket have different needs and challenges when it comes to fitness!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185Mark CostesGreat Show!!!It is different in your 40's. I am so glad Allan realistically addresses this. Great show!!!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185M1kesw1fe40 plus starsGreat show!!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185PMaskillStraight to the PointShort and sweet. Great podcast with a ton of valuable content. Very useful for everyone as we look to get and stay healthy!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185The Marketing Book PodcastA fitness podcast for the rest of us!While I subscribe to the notion that you’re only young once but you can be immature forever, that unfortunately doesn’t apply to fitness. As a 40+ year old life-long exerciser, I can affirm that fitness over 40 does require a different approach. And the more I learn, the fitter I become. This podcast is like having a personal trainer help me better understand the do’s and don’ts of fitness for my age group.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185scottalanturnerGreat book for healthAwesome tips for getting your body on track in the later years of life. Allan is very knowledgable and breaks down health in easy to understand manner.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-185thechampionentrepreneurGreat niche health podcasts.Allan put together a great resource in today's health market. That is focusing on individuals over 40. I also appreciate that Allen has brought on professionals who know what they're talking about and can speak to this niche market. Thanks for sharing your passion for fitness Alan. Your Friend The Champion Entrepreneur
United StatesUnited States2015-12-165Fit 2 Love JJLove the workout while you listen idea!Great short show for doing a workout while you listen! I may borrow that...:)
United StatesUnited States2015-12-155Lsizzle123Great jobThis show will help you get fit! Great job with the show and the solid tips.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-155Thomas O'Grady, PhDGreat job!Listen to this if you are looking something for your health. This podcast says it all. Every episode have all great point and would love to hear more. Keep it up!!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-155Baldeagle90I Really Enjoy This PodcastI really enjoy this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-145Charlene GilmanBE FIT!Great show Allan! Sharing stories from others and their health and fitness habits is key to helping others understand the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the great work!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-145sweaterguy1Great for the 40+ crowdAllan keeps the content fun and interesting, and definitely knows his stuff. If you're 40+, there are great tips for you in this podcast--just give it a shot!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-145Mother JenAMAZING!Such a fantastic podcast! Keep it up!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-135MichaelNeeleyJust what the doctor ordered!I’m what you might call 40++ and it just gets harder and harder to keep the weight off. Allan has put together an excellent show to help me, and other OG’s like me, to get the weight off and keep it off (and hopefully live a lot longer and healthier while I’m at it). Thanks, Allan!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-135The Medicare NationA Much Needed Niche!This isn't an ordinary "fitness" show. Allan helps you make your day more meaningful and different every day. I look forward to learning about exercise and the current trends. What I'm really looking forward to is the day Allan shares his client's success stories with us! There is nothging I like better in a podcast than personal success stories. Love what you're doing Allan! Thanks for caring about all of us who are over 40! Diane Daniels Host of Medicare Nation Podcast
United StatesUnited States2015-12-135mikewchanGreat stuff for a dad who is approaching 40!My body is no doubt slowing down and the workouts and diets I’ve done in the past and have to change as I age. Allan does a great job of highlighting these changes that I need to incorporate into my life. Great listen!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-135Julienm888Great!Love it Allan, no fluff straight high quality content. Keep it up! Julien Marion | The Path to Unlimited
United StatesUnited States2015-12-135Jetclimber11Take Allan on your fitness questAllan, thanks for sharing your story. You are so right ... commitment is absolutely key. Whether it's a goal to complete a race or look better in the mirror, you have to commit.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-135SubscribeMe.fmFit at Forty - NOT!No, I'm not exactly fit, but I am 40+. So yeah, listen to this awesome show if you're in the same boat as me.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-125Tam.me68Fitness and passionThis man dedicates a lot of time and uses a lot of resources to keep himself knowledged in health, fitness, and nutrition. He's very passionate about helping others not just to lose weight but to be healthy and live a longer life! A must to listen to!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-115kpchfKeep moving - great advice!I love the intro's advice - keep moving, it is only 15 minutes. Great show!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-115Gene_HPLNGreat podcast!Really like the show! After 40 life is a bit different than before, and this is a good time to stay healthy! Great show, keep it coming!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-115Don HutchesonCardiovascular Health & CognitionI thoroughly enjoyed Allan Misner’s Episode #4., which reviewed a study, CARDYA, which was begun in 1995 and throughly analyzed 3,000 people from across the United States to point out the correlation between an individual’s cardiovascular health and cognitive functions. This is the kind of show that is sorely needed for the majority of individuals in the U.S. who are overweight and at huge risk for myriad mental and physical diseases. Bravo, Allan, a fine show that will serve the needs of a growing audience.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-115Danny Johnson -Flipping JunkieEngaging and Awesome Tips for FitnessTrying to stay fit after you reach middle aged status can be a challenge, but this podcast makes it a breeze. I think everyone trying to stay fit can definitely benefit from listening to this show!
United StatesUnited States2015-12-115HGCIIIGreat podcast for those of us over 40 that need the extra fitness adviseAllan brings to the forefront the importance of keeping active and fit as you grow older. Also how nutrition and food play such an important part. At 59 I know from personal experience how important fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is. Well done
United StatesUnited States2015-12-115Kristianne @ Create Your NowGet movin' and groovin'!If you are wanting to get healthy, Allan does that for the older and wiser community. You'll learn tips and tricks to improve your health. A great addition to your healthy routine.
United StatesUnited States2015-12-085blissful dadIdeal podcast for those of us ,with a lot of wisdom to share and a lot of creaking un our bones 🙂I love how knowledgeable Allan is and I learned a lot from his podcast. It’s also very easy to consume as it’s just 15 minutes yet it’s packed with great information and I really love the daily aspect of the podcast. I can’t wait for the next episodes.
GermanyGermany2017-04-015RaBo71Forever FitnessVery helpful and interesting Podcasts.
AustraliaAustralia2018-03-315pegg426Solid guests on great topicsThis is a straight to the point, no mucking around good health podcast. Superb guests who bring a lot of provoking thought to the table. Subscribe and enjoy the talent. Thank you
AustraliaAustralia2018-03-015Andrew, Melbourne, AustraliaNever miss itThis podcast has encouraged me to improve my diet, get fit and focus on the Why. I want to be fit for my wife, my kids and grandkids I have recently completed the squat chalenge and I am doing the weight loss program, Alan is always happy to encourage me and when I emailed a question he was quick to respond. I dont agree with everything in the podcast but since I started listening I am thinner, stronger, and more motivated. Thanks Alan
AustraliaAustralia2017-07-215Tragic TracyEntertaining and InformativeReally love this podcast! I have "starred" so many episodes because I need to re-listen to absorb all the information! I didn't find this on any of the numerous searches on my podcast app for health/fitness/weight-loss podcasts, but on a google search - so I hope this review heaps make it easier for others to find!
AustraliaAustralia2017-05-185BejuletideI can't wait to be educated about all aspects of healthG'day Allan, I can't believe my good luck coming across your podcast so educational and insightful. You're stuck with me for life mate, Jules, Australia
AustraliaAustralia2016-12-305Waller1971Quality plus podcastA very informative podcast that has really changed my mindset when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Great practical advice that has provided me with a new set of principles that I have implemented in to my life and already seeing some noticeable improvements. Importantly I'm feeling better as well. Thanks Allan for your help!!!
AustraliaAustralia2016-12-145LH 60+My #1 PodcastI love 40+ podcast its varied, informative and easy listening.
AustraliaAustralia2016-04-225MattB4SBBOne of the best fitness podcast.Was searching for a good fitness podcast for months. At last, got one, and got the best one.
AustraliaAustralia2016-01-225Nuzzi1loving it!Love the show certainly something I am going to enjoy a lot more of.
AustraliaAustralia2016-01-105Eddie DonatoGreat info for staying healthyI’m always searching for info on how to ensure I am feeling the best I can. I want to be able to play with my kids well into my 60’s and this podcast is packed with fantastic advice to help ensure I do just that.
PhilippinesPhilippines2018-10-295Saoirse SkyMotivating and entertainingSo excited for new episodes! This is one of those podcasts that motivates you and makes you want to actually lead a better lifestyle. Allan does not judge, plus he's very entertaining so you won't get bored listening to him. It's a short show you can listen to while exercising!
BelgiumBelgium2017-07-275BE GuyPractical adviceThanks for a great podcast. I am constantly skimming through podcasts to find people who know what they are talking about and explain it in a way that I can understand knowing that my mother tongue is not English. I find this podcast to address many of the points I am feeling and giving practical advice and references for further discovery. I subscribed and recommend it to anyone interested in maintaining his body after 40 (or even before).
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia2018-12-095Ralphy41@You’ve made it to Saudi too 👍Hi mate I’m an Australian living in Saudi just listening to your latest episode and you mentioned you might not have made the Stan countries. You are close I’ve got you on in the car most days here in Saudi and am doing my best to promote your work. Love the show as an over 40 male wannabe athlete. Keep it up Nick
United StatesUnited States2020-06-085Marg in Sacramento40plusfitnesspodcastThese podcasts are excellent, they cover myriad and fascinating topics all related to fitness over the age of 40, I learn things from each one I listen to, they are amazing!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-165WowthatNameIsTakenSo informative!I learn so much from the awesome guests! I love the positive, encouraging tone of the show.
CanadaCanada2020-08-235CalgaryJakeGreat podcast!I have enjoyed all the guests he brings on with a variety of books and resources. Thanks
United StatesUnited States2020-08-255sdwellerExcellent informationI really enjoy this podcast, it is informative and relevant to me and my lifestyle. Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-055Marisa J2LOVE IT!!!!Allan offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!! This show is a must listen!!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-135WowthatNameIsTakenPro Aging!I learn so much from the awesome guests! I love the positive, encouraging tone of the show.so glad there’s a fitness and health podcast for adults who are no longer 25.
United StatesUnited States2020-12-151HaskiveinuDecember 7th podcast on CovidIt is shows like this one that promote conspiracy theories around covid. The speakers have questionable qualifications and should not be opining on a disease that has already killed 300,000+ Americans. Shame on you for giving these people airtime and helping to promote confusion around this deadly disease.
United StatesUnited States2021-01-132Jim P (NYC)Touchy FeelyAdmittedly only listened to parts of two episodes. Perhaps not a big-enough sample. But, it just didn’t catch me.
FranceFrance2021-02-045AlmaranettoGreat hosts, wide-ranging topics that help you work on your confirmation biases 😀Some of the guests on the podcast literally make my skin crawl. BUT! It’s not a knock on the podcast at all. I salute Allan for bringing such a diversity of topics and speakers and the quality of his interviews. Some of them are ideologists who will pass their convictions as verified science. But whatever, I actually listen to work on the cognitive biases I have, as we all do as humans (specially when you are nearing 45, published papers in peer reviewed journals, and have found what works for you in terms of fitness - imagine all the biases lol). And along the way, I stumbled on very interesting things and authors who made me challenge some of my views, which is always good. I also love the dynamic with Rachel. Anyway, give this podcast a try, I believe you will gain much wherever you come from in terms of health and fitness !
United StatesUnited States2016-01-015jamesdnewcombPerfect NicheI’m about to become 40+ this year, this is the perfect podcast for me! Keep them coming 🙂
United StatesUnited States2021-03-225Credit builder 2Fit at 40(Monica)Outside just did a 3 mile walk and I FEEL GREAT!! Thanks for the info and letting everyone know we ALL are not the SAME!! I have more energy than my kids!! 14 and 16. Thanks 🙏🏾 again!!
AustraliaAustralia2021-06-225Gav iTunesGreat topics and interviewsRecently found this podcast. Great work. Lots of great topics and interviews, no nonsense. Highly recommend.
AustraliaAustralia2021-06-225TheRealGavGreat topics and interviewsRecently found this podcast. Great work. Lots of great topics and interviews, no nonsense. Highly recommend.
CanadaCanada2021-07-253josh2uniGreat showThe only question I have is why don’t you introduce Rachel? You intro yourself and your guests but not your cohost. Odd.
CanadaCanada2021-08-175Tanja ShawReal life adviceI have a listening to this podcast and I appreciate Allan’s real life, practical advice for keeping it over 40.Be sure to join his Facebook group too.
United StatesUnited States2021-12-155Arlie K5 stars for 40+ Fitness!Allan and his incredibly knowledgeable guests talk all things fitness related, but it’s so much more than that! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that genuinely want to help others. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show, Allan - keep up the great work!
CanadaCanada2021-07-255josh2uniGreat showThe only question I have is why don’t you introduce Rachel? You intro yourself and your guests but not your cohost. Odd.
United StatesUnited States2021-12-231GreenerGirl41Too many commercialsFar too many commercials Super distracting
United StatesUnited States2022-05-055LisaIsHereForItAllan is awesome!👍No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend 40+ fitness enough. Fantastic host, awesome guests! 🙌
ItalyItaly2023-04-135Personaltrainer_turoYou must listen this!Allan is talking so simple way that it’s easy to understand and get practical tips for daily life for someone over 40
United StatesUnited States2023-04-205321 CaptIf you want to age gracefully this show is for youI appreciate how thoughtful and concise Allen is. If his guest has a book, Allen reads the entire book before the interview. Wow! This is rare. I’m 60 years old and I find this content extraordinarily useful. Thank you Allen for such an informative show. Please keep up the good work.
United StatesUnited States2023-07-265dgerhartGreat Podcast for Anyone Looking to Get Into ShapeThis weekly podcast is one that I look forward to every week! Allan’s information is top notch. His interview style is open and informative. I have learned a lot over the years and spent a lot of money on the books that he has recommended. Not only have I listened to this podcast, I have read Allen‘s book and was a client of his and saw great results. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. It will help you on your fitness journey.
United StatesUnited States2023-10-265ninaslovespodcastsAwesome podcast!I loved listening to this! It was super engaging and I learned a bunch!
United StatesUnited States2024-04-225jamielynn1027Informative & MotivationalI’ve been listening to this podcast for about 3yrs now. It’s always my go to podcast when I open the app. I love the different topics and guest speakers and even if I feel like something isn’t specifically for me, I listen and end up learning something.
United StatesUnited States2024-04-235jeankayleeGreat podcastThis is one of the first podcast I listened to. I listen to it as soon as it drops. It’s one of my favorites, I love the guests he has on. So down to earth and easy to relate to.
GermanyGermany2024-05-135I value the unique angleRewiring for Resilience with Dr. Aditi NerukarEpisode 629 of "40+ Fitness Podcast" is a standout session with Dr. Aditi Nerukar, where she shares transformative techniques to rewire your brain and body. Dr. Nerukar’s discussion on her book, "The 5 Resets," offers invaluable insights into achieving less stress and more resilience. Highly recommended for those seeking practical strategies to enhance their mental and physical health.
United StatesUnited States2024-06-195SamBGuiaAllan is a great host!Allan is such an expert, and his wisdom and experience makes this podcast great!