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April 9, 2018

Choose the StrongPath with Fred Bartlit

Fred Bartlit is the author of the book, Choosing the StrongPath.  Fred chose to change his life when his wife, Jana pushed him to begin taking his fitness seriously.  As he aged, he noticed that the friends he had that were his age were falling off and not participating in activities like skiing.


Beginning in our 30's we begin losing around 1% of our muscle mass per year. That puts us into a death spiral that if not addressed, we'll end up disabled and face many chronic diseases.  This is preventable with a resistance training program.


Falls are a very common and they can lead to disability and death.  Being stronger not only reduces the likelihood of falls, it also prepares the body to handle falls better.


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Go to the gym

You should go the gym and get a trainer to teach you proper form. It is a great investment to get started on the right foot. A solid program will work all of the muscle groups with good variety. Having control and avoiding ballistic movements that can cause injury. Fred has a strategy for the time he is in the gym, with focus and dedication.

Not all trainers know how to train you

Just like there are different types of attorneys, trainers can specialize on older individuals. That will allow them to provide the best advice and guidance, allowing you to train, get the gains, without injury.

Age is not show stopper

At the age of 85, almost 85, Fred's commitment to the StrongPath has him breaking life-long strength goals.


We should lose no more than 1 – 1 1/2 pounds per week. Losing more than that is not sustainable or healthy. To lose weight, you should record your weight where you see it each day. If you aren't getting results, pay attention to what you're eating and change to get yourself back on path.

All that said, the wafer thin woman is no longer the ideal of beauty. Instead, being strong and fit is seen as beautiful. Women that follow the StrongPath are on their way to looking and feeling their best.

You can learn more about Fred and his book, Choosing the StrongPath at

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March 26, 2018

Running Rewired with Jay Dicharry

Jay Dicharry, the author of Running Rewired, is board- certified Sports Clinical Specialist.  He focuses on running biomechanics.  Beyond therapy, he seeks to correct the muscle imbalances that lead many runners to injury.

What really happens when you run

When we run, we are putting the body through a high amount of stress.  The forces on the body can exceed 2 1/2 times our body weight.  For an overweight runner, this can make running not only difficult but dangerous.

Core stability

One of the main areas that cause running injuries is a weak core.  But the fix is not just about doing crunches or planks.  You should look at your core as if were an aluminum can.  A can will support a great deal of weight.  However, if you make a small dent in the side, and the can collapses.  This is why it is critical to ensure the full musculature of the core is strong, balanced, and stable.

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Quads vs Glutes

Your running correlates with the way you move.  If you squat and you find that you squat more forward, you're using your quads too much.  If you squat more toward the back, then you may be glute dominant.  You can do an exercise of squatting down and at the bottom position, oscillate forward and backward to feel how to activate both.  The more you can use your glutes (the stronger muscles), the more powerful your running will be.

Muscular endurance, strength, and mass

Most runners don't want to lift weights because they don't want to add too much mass.  But there are ways to use weights to improve your running.  To improve your running economy, you want to be able to put more force down on the ground in a shorter period of time.  That requires heavier loads with squats, deadlifts.  Plyometrics and powerlifting are very effective tools to improve your running.  You won't gain much weight as you'll still be running and sarcopenia will keep you from putting on too much muscle.

You can learn more about Jay Dicharry and Running Rewired at LINK.

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March 19, 2018

Run strong and stay hungry with Jonathan Beverly

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Jonathan Beverly is the author of Run Strong, Stay Hungry, a collection of tips and wisdom from veteran runners who are still running after many years.

The book includes nine principles that would keep someone engaged in running over the years. Surprisingly, only three are physiological and six are psychological. A few include:

  1. Consistency – Injuries can occur when you are inconsistent. Running regularly makes you strong. Being consistent helps to build habits, which make it easier to get out and run. Be sure to take time to rest and recover. Consider using rest days to do some other sort of physical activity.
  2. Humility and Hunger – The joy of running or training is not in the accolades, but rather seeing continuous improvement. You are not defined solely by where you start in your running journey. Seeing your personal progression over time and striving to reach the next goal is another factor that keeps runners engaged long-term.
  3. Stay Connected – Instead of just running, consider serving as a coach, volunteer or running writer. This removes you from just thinking about your own progress and you can see other people’s goals and obstacles. You can then apply this perspective back to yourself. If you become unable to run for some reason, you are able to stay involved in these roles.

To connect with Jonathan Beverly or to learn more about Run Strong, Stay Hungry, visit


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February 26, 2018

The woman’s guide to health with Dr. Ruth Parker and Dr. Carmen Mohan

Ruth Parker and Carmen Patrick Mohan are primary care physicians and authors of the new book, The Women’s Guide to Health. This book is an action guide for both women and men to cultivate habits that support well-being.

Ruth and Carmen explain that the book contains various health and fitness “prescriptions” for people who are at different phases in their lives. Each level is intended to consist of a gentle progression through a span of 30 weeks. The three levels include:

1. Get Started – Start where you are. The intent in this level is to reach the 150 minutes per week recommended by the CDC.

2. Keep Going – This level incorporates the running and walking as described by Jeff Galloway’s program.

3. Burn Fat – This level is for the person who feels that they’d like to lose weight and improve body composition.

Ruth and Carmen also discuss the importance of sleep. Research shows one should strive to achieve seven hours of quality sleep per night. If one can’t achieve this, don’t stress over it. View sleep and rest as restoration and don’t claim an insomnia mindset.

In order to maximize using one’s lifestyle to prevent and treat disease, Ruth and Carmen recommend optimizing choices and being consistent with daily activity. Keeping a health journal can help track patterns and encourage accountability.

To connect with Ruth Parker or Carmen Patrick Mohan or to learn more about The Women’s Guide to Health, visit or visit their Facebook page.  You should also check out the episode I did with Jeff Galloway.


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January 22, 2018

Self-Discipline with Natalie Wise

The 40+ Fitness Podcast is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health conscious people like runners, cyclist, and weightlifters get lower rates on their life insurance. Go to to support the show and see if you qualify.

Natalie Wise is the author of a new book entitled The Self-Discipline Handbook, a guide to building self-discipline and achieving one’s goals through self-exploration.

The Oxford Dictionary describes self-discipline as, “the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.” As such, Natalie explains that there is no magic start date or age to begin. Every day is a new beginning.

In practicing self-discipline, curiosity is your superpower, as it continuously brings up the question of “what if”. When curious, you’ll keep going and gaining momentum. It creates opportunities to stay on track and feel like you’re doing something new and interesting.

Natalie explains the three types of motivation we experience:

1. Internal – The only motivation that we have control over; something we can cultivate. Heart motivation is all about your why.
2. External – Could easily lead astray because it is focused on the end result rather than who you are.
3. Muse – A random, gifted motivation that is usually short-lived.

In exercising self-discipline, Natalie explains that practicing patience is important. The following actions can help you remain patient:
1. Breathe – calms brain and nervous system
2. Shake it off – exercise and move your body; feel your physical being calm down
3. Change the channel – focus on something else to get through the slump
4. Talk to someone you love – science has proven it has a calming effect
5. Laugh
6. Know when to keep going and when to quit
7. If all else fails, clean – it changes the channel in your mind and allows you to accomplish something

For more information about The Self-Discipline Handbook or to connect with Natalie Wise, visit or @goodgirlstyle on Instagram.


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