A funeral for my fat | Sharee Samuels

In her book A Funeral For My Fat, Sharee Samuels chronicles her 100+ pound weight loss over a five year period.

Self Love

One concept that Sharee recommended was for you to write a letter to yourself.  This letter should demonstrate the strength you have and the love you have for yourself.  Documenting this self-love is valuable because you are able to go back and read this letter to yourself when you're down and out.

Find something you love

Sharee also recommends you find something you love.  For her, workout out was a drudgery, and she could never motivate and push herself.  That was until she found Zumba.  She loved Zumba and that helped her stay motivated and on track with exercise.

Know yourself

Sharee is a big proponent in knowing yourself.  She knows she is not one who can handle moderation.  Therefore she can't approach food and have just one chip.  She now focuses on her strength, which is planning.  Knowing yourself allows you to take your own path to health and fitness.


Sharee uses an acronym – EFFORT to break through a plateau.

  • Exercise – Are you doing enough?  Are you doing too much?
  • Food – Are you eating too much?  Are you eating enough?
  • Focus – Are you focused on your goal?
  • Organization – Planning and setting yourself up for success.
  • Rest – Are you giving your body the rest it needs?  Are you resting too much?
  • Time – Are you rushing the process?  Do you have realistic expectations?



A Funeral For My Fat

Sharee Samuels


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