Self-Discipline with Natalie Wise

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Natalie Wise is the author of a new book entitled The Self-Discipline Handbook, a guide to building self-discipline and achieving one’s goals through self-exploration.

The Oxford Dictionary describes self-discipline as, “the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.” As such, Natalie explains that there is no magic start date or age to begin. Every day is a new beginning.

In practicing self-discipline, curiosity is your superpower, as it continuously brings up the question of “what if”. When curious, you’ll keep going and gaining momentum. It creates opportunities to stay on track and feel like you’re doing something new and interesting.

Natalie explains the three types of motivation we experience:

1. Internal – The only motivation that we have control over; something we can cultivate. Heart motivation is all about your why.
2. External – Could easily lead astray because it is focused on the end result rather than who you are.
3. Muse – A random, gifted motivation that is usually short-lived.

In exercising self-discipline, Natalie explains that practicing patience is important. The following actions can help you remain patient:
1. Breathe – calms brain and nervous system
2. Shake it off – exercise and move your body; feel your physical being calm down
3. Change the channel – focus on something else to get through the slump
4. Talk to someone you love – science has proven it has a calming effect
5. Laugh
6. Know when to keep going and when to quit
7. If all else fails, clean – it changes the channel in your mind and allows you to accomplish something

For more information about The Self-Discipline Handbook or to connect with Natalie Wise, visit http://www.nataliewise.com or @goodgirlstyle on Instagram.


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