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October 2, 2017

Be your own #healthhero with Dr. Partha Nandi

Dr. Partha Nandi is a physician, leading patient advocate, and author of the new book entitled, Ask Dr. Nandi. In his book, Dr. Nandi emphasizes the importance of making health a top priority and becoming one’s own health hero.

Dr. Nandi discusses several aspects that people should focus on while becoming their own health hero. These include:

  1. Have purpose in your life. This includes participating in purposeful activities. Everything else will follow. Having purpose has also been shown to increase one’s longevity.
  2. Eat mindfully.
  3. Practice purposeful movement.
  4. Be mindful. Cultivate your mind and do activities that express that you are part of a larger universe. This could mean meditating, walking in nature, or praying.
  5. Find your tribe. Any activity done with a tribe is usually more successful.

The personal toll of dieting is also discussed. The stress of being deprived all the time also increases stress hormones, which increases inflammation. Working out excessively while not maintaining adequate nutrition is a recipe for disaster.

Dr. Nandi recommends that people know their food. To do this, he recommends eating whole, self-prepared foods. Make choices that you generally like to eat so it’s more of a lifestyle than a diet. Avoid overeating by stopping when you are 2/3 full.

Dr. Nandi also talks about rhabdo, a condition where muscles break down after being overworked by excessive exercise. Your body will tell you when it is working too much. Instead of engaging in extreme physical activity, make movement a part of your daily life.

To connect with Dr. Nandi or to learn more about his book, Ask Dr. Nandi, visit http://www.askdrnandi.com.

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