Hiring a personal trainer or online coach

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On episode 640 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we discuss hiring a personal trainer or online coach.

Episode Notes

Differences between Personal Trainers and Coaches

– Personal trainers provide face-to-face accountability and workout sessions at the gym

– Online coaches offer more holistic health and fitness support, including nutrition, sleep, and stress management

– Coaches provide more access and flexibility in training times and locations

Hiring a Trainer or Coach

– Coach Allan's struggle to find a personal trainer due to frequent travel

– His certification as a personal trainer and coach

– Factors to consider in choosing a trainer or coach: individual needs, goals, and budget

– Benefits of personalized training based on individual needs, goals, and budget

– The importance of personality and skill set alignment for the best fit

Transitioning from In-Person Training to Online Coaching

– Limitations of in-person training due to set hours and location

– The convenience and flexibility of working with an online coach

– The possibility of working out at one's convenience, even at early hours

– Finding a coach or personal trainer that fits one's goals, objectives, and needs

Music by Dave Gerhart


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