When to fire your personal trainer

Part of finding a good personal trainer is knowing when you need to fire a bad personal trainer. Though you may find a passionate trainer, he or she may not be the one for you. There are several reasons why you may want to fire your personal trainer.

The first reason to fire your trainer is if he or she is not listening to you. The trainer should be asking you specific questions so they are able to design a plan that will work for your unique situation. Did the trainer ask about your goals or concerns? These are conversations that need to take place early in the process so that the responses can be part of the solution. If they don’t know the real you, then they’re not the right fit for you.

The second reason to fire your trainer is if they are not talking to you. The trainer should be teaching you technique, not just counting reps, and then giving you verbal cues to help you progress faster. The trainer should also encourage you so that you should feel supported. Often times, the trainer may not be listening or talking to you. If so, it’s time to move on.

Sometimes trainers will ask for referrals before you’re seeing results. This is another area of concern. Though trainers need to continue to grow their client base, they should be focused on the results of their current clients first and asking for referrals later.

Eventually, all trainees should outgrow their trainers, as they have mastered their technique and the coaching is no longer necessary. At this point, the trainer can be fired, but only because the trainer has successfully done their job.

No matter the circumstances, when you know it’s time to fire your personal trainer, don’t be afraid to speak up. Request a new trainer or ask for a refund if you haven’t received an appropriate level of service. Remember, you are the client. It’s your body, your money, and your life. You deserve only the best personal trainer available, so don’t settle for anything less.

I've created a guide to help you evaluate a potential personal trainer.

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