Essentials of weight loss

Losing weight is not hard if you properly apply these essentials of weight loss.

Wanting to lose weight is different than committing to it. Commitment is needed to drive you. To make a commitment to yourself, you need to have a compelling why. When you feel your willpower starting to slide, remind yourself of your why.

Be realistic about your expectations. Realistically, you can lose one to two pounds per week.

Don’t let you stop you. Weight loss is a mindset game. Understand your behavior and know the points when you might try to self-sabotage.

Weight loss is not a straight line. There are going to be plateaus in your journey. Approach it each time as a different problem and try something a little different, but stay on course.

Don’t forget to have fun. Be sure to do the things you enjoy while going through this process.

Not all weight loss is good. Weight lost using diet pills can be detrimental to your health.

Don’t be afraid of lifting weights for fear of putting on muscle and adding weight. Weight loss is about fat loss, not muscle loss.

There are no shortcuts. Focus on healthy living and positive lifestyle changes.

Find people who will hold you accountable and serve a support network through the process.

Forget the past. Focus on tomorrow and make positive steps forward each day.

It’s really about hormones, as they drive every action in your body. Avoid sugar, get quality sleep, and lower your stress to keep your hormones in check.

Common sense goes a long way. Reward your hard work with something else other than food.

Document your wins and use them to fuel you through the tough times.

You will not out-exercise a bad diet. Focus on food first and then exercise.

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