November 14, 2016

11 Best weight loss lessons

Throughout my own journey with health and fitness, I learned a number of weight loss lessons that I want to share in today’s podcast:

My best weight loss lessons

  1. Exercise is important, but not for weight loss – You can’t exercise yourself out of a bad diet. The food you eat is key to your weight loss.
  2. Insulin – To lose weight, reduce your total insulin load so the body can burn fat for energy. Do this by limiting your sugars and simple carbs.
  3. Ghellin – This is a hunger hormone that tends to be cyclical, usually highest in the evening and lowest in the morning.
  4. Leptin – This hormone signals to the brain that you’ve had enough food. Slow down on your eating so you allow time for this signaling to occur. This will prevent overeating.
  5. Cortisol – When your body is in a stress mode, it produces the hormone cortisol, which leads to storing body fat in your mid-section. Manage your stress levels to avoid this.
  6. Sleep – Get quality sleep and your hormones will balance out and work in harmony, promoting a good Circadian rhythm.
  7. Out of sight out mind – Don’t buy unhealthy foods. If you must, keep them in a separate space from the healthy food you are consuming.
  8. The decision isn't enough – Make a commitment to be healthier for the right reasons, perhaps an emotional one.
  9. Love yourself – Have internal self-love and make a commitment to yourself to be healthier.
  10. Scale movement doesn't equal health – Don’t let the scale define you. Focus on how you look and feel.
  11. Don't go it alone – Find an accountability partner or support network.

Perhaps you have some of your own weight loss tips. Share them in the comments!

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