November 23, 2016

Eliminate chronic pain with Sue Hitzmann

Sue Hitzmann developed the MELT Method to help her clients deal with chronic pain.

Acute Pain/Chronic Pain

Acute pain – comes from an impact or injury.  This pain is a protective measure.

Chronic pain – comes from disease, environmental factors, or neuromuscular issues.  This pain is not a protective measure.  Over time, the pain can increase.

With a negative loop using the neuroplasticity, your mind creates a relationship to a certain movement-pain connection.  Eventually, you can experience chronic pain just from thinking about the movement.

Self-Myofascial Release vs MELT Method

Self-myofascial release – By finding a pain point on the muscle and pressing down with a hard object we can release the muscle.  But this is not really improving the balance of the fascia.

MELT Method – Using “hands on” from a trained practitioner or self treating with the MELT method you are restoring the hydration and helping make the fascia healthier.

Fascia is not just related to the muscles and bones, but is a full connective tissue from skin to bone, top to bottom.  MELT focuses on restoring all of the fascia.

Stuck Stress

Stuck stress is a description of dehydration of the fascia.  Drinking enough water is not full answer to re-hydrating the fascia.  If you consider the fascia like a sponge, you can just put water on the sponge.  You have to massage the sponge to allow water to be drawn into it.


Inflammation is part of the natural healing process.  But with a lot of people, as we get pain from low-grade inflammation we get a stress response.  From there, the inflammation causes more pain and an endocrine response.  Often, we begin focusing on the symptoms rather than going to the cause, fascia dehydration.

MELT Method

When Sue developed the MELT Method in 2004, she coined the term with Myo-fascial, energetic, lengthening technique. It now focuses on restoring the fluid flow, mobility, and stability to get everything back into balance.

The Four Rs

– Reconnect
– Rebalance
– Rehydrate
– Release



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