October 7, 2016

Pathways of Qi | Matthew Sweigart

In his book, The Pathways of Qi, Matthew Sweigart has provided a deep dive into the eastern concept of Qi.  He has a very good approach to this.  This book is a very good way to become familiar with this practice.

Qi is a concept that comes from China.  It is the movement of life energy and the way it moves into the human system.  It is in alignment with the western phrase “flow.”  Matthew learned the power of Qi when he was able to fix a weak and injured ankle through a simple reflection on who, not what, was causing his pain.

The twelve regular meridians/pathways of qi.

  1. Lung Line
  2. Large Intestine Line
  3. Stomach Line
  4. Spleen Pancreas Line
  5. Heart Line
  6. Small Intestine Line
  7. Bladder Line
  8. Kidney Line
  9. Pericardium Line
  10. Triple Warmer Line
  11. Gall Bladder Line

The three layers of health

  1. Reflexive Layer – relates to body's ability to respond to the world around it.
  2. Conditioned Layer – relates to our learned/trained behaviors.
  3. Constitutional Layer – relates to the inherent gifts we inherited.

Any tips on finding a good practitioner

You'll typically find a qualified Qi practitioner at any disciplined martial arts studio.  Matthew also teaches Qi Gong




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