March 22, 2017

Finding your big miracles with Joanna Garzilli

Joanna Garzilli is an authority in the field of intuition, conscious business growth, and spiritual leadership. She is also the author of a fascinating new book called Big Miracles, a sort of manual that explains how to reengage with yourself, who you are, and who you could be.

Joanna explains that health and fitness is not just physical. It’s also a matter of the mind and spirit. There is a balance between doing the work and having the mindset to allow you to reach your goals.

In the book, Joanna explains 11 key rules:

  1. Align with the spirit – Do you feel good or do you feel bad? Be honest with yourself to know if you are aligned.
  2. Be a spiritual vehicle – Achieve a new level of awareness and experience ongoing spiritual awakenings.
  3. Commit to your breakthrough – Without commitment, nothing happens. Focus on the end result and surrender.
  4. Forgive mistakes – Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. Perhaps mistakes are miracles waiting to happen.
  5. Living without ego – A little bit of ego lets us see our strengths and speak up for ourselves, but too much can be an issue.
  6. Believe in your ability – Close the gap between “if” and “when.” Use exercise as a way to clear your doubts.
  7. Accept responsibility – “You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can clean up how you feel about it.”
  8. Aim high – This allows us to realize we can do more than we think.
  9. Take the right action – Action is necessary to get results.
  10. Be of service – Be of service to your body and your body will take care of you.
  11. Break through to your big miracle – Figure out what will keep you amplified to get that breakthrough and keep you moving forward.

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