November 9, 2016

11 Best time management tips

Don't have time to work out?  Cooking your own food just takes too much time?  These 11 time management tips will help you free up the time to both work out and eat right.

Best Time Management Tips

  1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

    This may seem odd.  But going to bed earlier will help allow you to get more sleep.  Being well rested will help you be more productive.  Let's face it, you were just going to watch television that half hour that you can now apply to something much better for your help, sleep.

  2. Time style of work

    Don't want to work out during your lunch hour because you'll be sweaty all afternoon? Then schedule your work for times where it makes more sense. I prefer a moderate pace walk during my lunch hour. I do my more sweat inducing work in the morning (I was going to shower anyway). This way, I maximize my workout time based on my existing schedule/activities.

  3. Multitask

    Multitasking can allow you to get things done while you're doing something else.  For example, I'll often do my squats (Forever Fitness 30-Day Squat Challenge) while I'm brushing my teeth or cooking breakfast.  I'll go for a walk while I'm on a conference call.

  4. Batch cooking

    I love batch cooking as a time saver.  Cooking large batch meals on the weekend and packaging them up in single servings frees up time during the week, when all that's left is to warm up the meal.

  5. TV Exercises

    We all find ourselves in front of the television from time to time.  Consider doing some squats or better yet, burpees during commercial breaks.  Or set up a treadmill or stationary bike and walk/ride during your show.

  6. Circuit training

    Circuit training is where you go through a series of exercise, one right after the other.  This can allow you to get a series of strength training exercises done in a short period of time.  And you get a metabolic boost.

  7. Minimum effective dose

    Many people go much harder and longer than they need to get results.  To improve fitness you need challenge, feeding and recovery.  There is an upper limit to how fast you can improve.  More of a good thing isn't always a good thing.

  8. Go faster

    Seems simple, just go faster and you get the work done in less time. This strategy works, but you have to be careful.  As you get more fit, you may be able to move faster, for example adding a jog to your daily walk.

  9. Single focus/goal

    When I go into the gym, I have one thing on my mind, get the work done and get out.  Having a plan and focusing on the work will keep you working at pace and not wasting time.

  10. Raw/quick prep food

    Choosing foods that require minimal preparation can save time. I'm not talking about microwave meals, but rather pre-washed salads, single serve nuts, etc.

  11. Eliminate low value non-exercise activities

    If you sat and wrote down what you do in a day, I imagine you'd find many low value activities. Could you eliminate them?

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