11 best getting started on health and fitness tips

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started.  Once you going, you have some wins, some momentum that can keep you going.  In this episode, I'm going to share my tips for getting started on health and fitness tips.

Here are my best getting started on health and fitness tips:

1. Know your why – Before you get started on anything, you should consider why it matters.  Having a solid why will give you a strong, emotional driver to get you moving and keep you moving.  I changed my life because of my wife and kids.  I want to be there for them and the path I was on wasn't going in that direction.  I changed direction.
2. Know your vision – Having a vision of what health and fitness is important to make sure the things you do are aimed toward getting you healthier and more fit.  Your vision can change as you go, but it is important to know where you're going.
3. Set goals – Think of goals as milestones on your path to your vision.  These goals should be SMART goals.  I'm sure you know what smart goals are and if you don't, you can go to episode 93, where I went over how to use them.  I also developed a guide to help you do this.
4. Focus on what matters – If you want to drive to the grocery store, you aren't getting there efficiently if you drive to the movie theatre (unless the movie theatre is on the way to the grocery store).  You very likely have limited time in your day.  Don't waste time doing things that aren't getting toward your goal.
5. Have fun – Yes, some people can tough it out, but you're much more likely to show up if you enjoy what your doing.  Make it fun, or at least something that will make you better at something fun.  For example, I enjoy volleyball.  I do not enjoy box jumps.  But I know box jumps will make me a better volleyball player, so I do box jumps.
6. Be prepared – I leave my gym bag by the door, packed with my workout clothes.  That way, when I get out the door to work, I can't help but grab it.  I also pack my food for the day and carry that with me.  I'm less likely to go to the fast food place if I have plenty of good food with me at my desk or in the breakroom fridge.I also encourage people to do bulk cooking and pack up servings for the rest of the week.  This makes it quick and easy to have a good, healthy meal in the evening when your willpower is weaker.
7. Schedule it – Scheduling your workouts is a great strategy for getting started.  Put an appointment on your calendar with an alarm.  This appointment is with your boss (you).  At work would you miss an appointment with your boss?  Nope?  Don't miss this one either.
8. Go Slow – Often, people will go all out when they first start.  If you overdo it, you are more likely to want to quit.  DOMS is one of the main reasons people drop out after their first workout or two.
9. Be good for yourself – In the podcast episode, “Is your inner voice a nice person?” I explained why it is important to be good to yourself.  This is even more important when you're first getting started.
10. Share it with friends – Friends do a few things for us when it comes to health and fitness.  For one, they can hold us accountable.  Second, they can make it much more fun to workout and cook good food (see #6).
11. Hire a trainer – A trainer, like a friend can help keep you accountable.  One of the best benefits of working with a trainer is that you'll get results faster.  Just make sure you find a trainer that suits you.  I made up a quick and easy guide to help you select the right trainer.If you'd like to learn more about working with me, you can go to Forever Fitness Personal Training.

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