When what works for them doesn’t work for you

It’s inspiring to see people having success in their weight loss and fitness journeys. However, it can be deflating upon realizing that what works for them doesn’t always work for you. Why is this? Truthfully, you may never get the same exact results as someone else, even if you follow the same plan. However, that’s no reason to quit or stop before you’ve even started. You simply need to readjust.

Genetics can play a role in this scenario. However, it’s the way that the genes are expressed that causes the differences in results among different individuals. The way you react will be different from the way someone else reacts. Most of the diets out there don’t work for the majority. Have you ever seen the fine print that says, “Results are not typical”? This is their disclaimer.

Your gut biome also plays a role, and again, everyone has a different one. Realize that you are essentially a chemical reactor made up of hormones and chemicals. The food you eat is the fuel that ignites these reactions, and the quality of that food will make a difference. It most certainly can impact how you feel, as well as your overall health. One good idea is to get a blood test before starting a diet plan. This will give you a good baseline understanding as to how your body is currently functioning.

Trying an elimination diet is another good technique. This will allow you to eliminate all foods that are causing you problems. Start by removing sugar, then gluten, and so on, until you are only consuming the bare essentials—meat, fish, and vegetables. See how your body is feeling and then slowly begin to reintroduce the other foods into your diet, one food at a time.

While it’s true that what works for them may not work for you, you can find what does work for you. Try different options, focus on what you can control, and stop comparing yourself to others.



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