October 28, 2016

Walking for weight loss with Lucy Wyndham-Read

In her book Walk off the weight, Lucy Wyndham-Read shows us how to use walking for weight loss.  With 5 years in the Brittish Army and 20 years in fitness, Lucy has helped thousands of men and women lose weight and stay in shape.  In this book, she sets up a daily program for walking for weight loss with walking plans and menus to ensure you're eating right.

Benefits of walking

Health – Walking strengthens your heart and reduces cholesterol.  It helps strengthen your bones.  It prevents obesity and lifts depression.
Fitness – Walking helps make you faster and stronger and gives you more stamina.  You'll improve your flexibility and balance.
Weight – Walking for weight loss works because you are burning more calories both during and after the walk.
– Aging – Walking helps promote human growth hormone (HGH), which begins declining after age 20.

Measure it & snap it

Measurements – Lucy recommends you measure your waist, bottom, thighs and arms so you can see your progress.
What to expect – As you go, you'll notice you are dropping dress sizes and feeling stronger and more energetic.
Commitment – Before you start, make the commitment to make it through the first seven days.  This will drive you through the 21 days.

Tips for Motivation

1. Mind makeover – Make sure you have the right attitude to ensure success.
2. Put on your visualization glasses – Visualize what health and fitness looks like.
3. Score a goal – Set goals to drive you.
4. Be your own fitness dj – Change up your playlist from time to time to stay motivated.
5. On the dot – Find a set time to work out so you're high energy and can keep doing it.
6. Become a master chef – Learn how to make new dishes with fresh, healthy ingredients.

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