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Younger with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a physician, speaker, and author of the new book entitled, Younger: A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging, and Turn Back the Clock 10 Years. In this book, she shares how to change habits and slow the impacts of aging.

Dr. Gottfried explains 5 aging factors where things can go wrong:

  1. Muscle factor
  2. Brain factor
  3. Hormone factor
  4. Gut factor
  5. Toxic fat factor

In the book, Dr. Gottfried mentions a Health Span quiz, available at http://www.healthspanscore.com/. She created this test to measure aging on a graded scale from 0 to 100%. Several categories that are taken into consideration with this test include sleep, movement, relationships, purpose and meaning, resting heart rate, and blood sugar and glucose.

The Younger Protocol, a seven-week program based on functional medicine, describes basic changes one can make to build habits and gain momentum. The first week focuses on food, including eating foods that fill micronutrient gaps, provide antioxidant support, and reduce inflammation.

The second week focuses on sleep, including sleeping on your side and maintaining appropriate Vitamin D levels.

The third week focuses on movement, specifically one to two hours of moderate exercise.

The fourth week focuses on releasing habitually tight muscles and evaluating wear and tear hormones such as cortisol.

The fifth week is about environmental toxins and what can be done about them. A positive exposure includes experience with a dry sauna.

The sixth week focuses on how to wrangle stress and adjust your stress response.

The seventh week focuses on how to change your brain as you get older.

To connect with Dr. Sara Gottfried or learn more about Younger: A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging, and Turn Back the Clock 10 Years, visit http://www.theyoungerbook.com.

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