Dynamic Aging with Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and science communicator who is passionate about movement in our everyday lives and health. Her new book, Dynamic Aging, shares valuable lessons and exercises to help anyone who wants to improve their mobility and strength.

When it comes to mobility, one of the greatest fears involves falling. Katy explains that falls later in life can be impossible to recover from. Often times, people will remove obstacles in their home to reduce the likelihood of falls. However, Katy explains that it is important to stay strong enough to deal with these obstacles, as the whole world outside your home is not obstacle-free.

Balance is another important area of focus. To improve whole body movement, Katy suggests starting with your feet. Most fit and movement conscious people have not trained their feet, however there are basic exercises one can do to begin strengthening and mobilizing the feet.

Katy also explains that learning to move differently and changing movement patterns helps to align the body better, which leads to better health. Many perceive that the purpose of movement is simply to facilitate more movement. However, having the ability to move opens doors to experiences that a lack of movement otherwise closes. This changes how you relate to things or people. Movement is critical in adding years to your life and life to your years.

There are simple ways to add movement to your daily routine. Practice getting up from the floor. Opt to go in to the bank rather than using the drive thru. Consider parking further away from building entrances. Make activities walking-based. De-convenience some of your kitchen to increase your level of movement and stretching.

To connect with Katy or learn more about Dynamic Aging, visit www.nutritiousmovement.com.


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