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March 31, 2017

11 Tips for sticking with a workout regimen

Donna from Facebook asked about tips for sticking to a workout regimen. Here are 11 great tips to follow:

  1. Reconnect to your why – This helps you get started and stick with it.
  1. Do it first – You are much more likely to do your workout when you do it first rather than putting it off until later in the day.
  1. Set an appointment – Treat your workout like an important appointment that you would not miss.
  1. Have an objective – Perhaps it’s a race, competition, or wearing a certain dress that you’re working toward. It’s a good way to recognize progress and maintain motivation.
  1. Set micro goals – Set smaller goals along the way to your main goal to give you wins and encourage you to push harder.
  1. Make it something you trip over – Make it a constant reminder so you have all you need to do your workout.
  1. Convenience – Make it easy for yourself and you’ll be much more likely to comply with your program.
  1. Hire a good trainer – You’ll have accountability and you may even have a better workout.
  1. Have an accountability partner – Find someone who will keep you accountable so you stick with your workouts.
  1. Have some planned periodization – Doing the same workout over and over can lead to plateaus. Rotate to different modalities to keep things fresh.
  1. Make it fun – If your workout isn’t fun or you’re not excited about what you’re working toward, consider another style of workout.

Follow these simple tips to stay on track with your workout regimen!

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