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The love diet | Dr. Connie Gutterson

Dr. Connie Gutterson is a New York Times bestselling author, a registered dietician, and nutrition instructor. Her new book, The Love Diet, talks about the importance of self-love for health.

Dr. Gutterson explains that self-respect and self-love is key to freeing one’s self from a cycle of shame and weight gain. Many patients in these cycles put themselves second, while making someone or something else in their lives the priority. They may find themselves in a state of unhappiness and poor health. This lack of self-love can make it difficult for an individual to make changes in their life for the right reasons. Negative thoughts can lead to self-sabotoge.

The first step to making a change is realizing that no one is perfect. You first need to realize your worth and commit to breaking the shame cycle, which involves a feeling of shame after eating, followed by poor sleep and stress. This can lead to a craving for sugar, overeating, and becoming depressed. The body can produce cortisol, which can lead to weight gain and a change in blood sugar levels.

The Love Diet explains that there are two components to fitness—the emotional and nutritional pieces. The program goes through seven stages, with each stage having a focus for each component. Stage one includes a moderate elimination diet to regain control of blood sugar levels. Stage two is called Veggie Boost and focuses on non-starchy vegetables. Stage three incorporates different sources of protein, not just meat. It also discusses how sleep and stress can affect the appetite. Stage four discusses portion sizes and introduces fruits. Stage five brings in a more diversified, varied diet that includes dairy. Stage six introduces legumes and discusses mindful eating. The last stage increases whole grains.

Though this is a methodical process, it has great flexibility. If something doesn’t work, this program offers alternatives. The key is to find your self-love for health, in addition to fine-tuning your diet. To connect with Dr. Connie Gutterson or learn more about The Love Diet, visit www.conniegutterson.com.

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