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August 21, 2017

Heal yourself with Kelly Noonan and Adam Schomer

Kelly Noonan Gores and Adam Schomer are producers of a new compelling documentary called Heal. This groundbreaking film explains that there is always something to heal, whether it be physical or emotional, but that we can be active participants in our healing though shifting our thoughts and choices.

The film features a variety of fascinating guests. One such guest is Dr. Turner, a researcher who studied spontaneous healing and identified nine causes of healing, only two of which are physical. The rest are mental, spiritual, and emotional. The nine causes of healing include:

1. Radically changing one’s diet
2. Using herbs and supplements
3. Taking control over your health
4. Following your intuition
5. Releasing suppressed emotions
6. Increasing positive emotions
7. Embracing social support
8. Deepening spiritual connection
9. Having a strong reason for living

By taking these actions, one is putting himself in the best position to heal and possibly prevent disease, as well as living a happier, healthier life.

The film also introduces the concept of using a health medium to assist in directing people on what to heal and giving them hope for relief. This speaks to the psychological aspect of healing. The power of the placebo and nocebo effects clarifies how we look at medicine and healthcare, and also shows how detrimental a negative diagnosis can be without the right mindset in place.

Meditation is highlighted as something that everyone can do that shuts off stress response and triggers “juices of life” and healing hormones. Similarly, gratitude helps us heal by triggering healing chemistry throughout the body and can be especially powerful when combined with visualization.

The film encourages viewers to get a diagnosis, but make their own prognosis by taking control of their own health. To check out the Heal documentary or for more information, visit http://www.healdocumentary.com.


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