April 12, 2017

Heal your pain now with Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta is a physical therapist who specializes in treating persistent pain. In his new book, Heal Your Pain Now, Dr. Tatta shares information behind what may cause chronic pain and strategies and tips to help heal pain naturally.

Those who have chronic pain know that it can control your life. Dr. Tatta explains that pain is not only about tissue injury. It can actually be influenced by one’s outlook, whether optimistic or pessimistic. Pain is both a sensory and emotional experience. When you experience pain, try determining what recent thoughts, emotions, or senses could be the root cause.

Because of this, healing pain may not be totally about physical healing, but more about mental solutions. A great place to start includes affirmations. Consider ways to mentally reframe your pain. Instead of catastrophizing the pain, focus on what actions you are taking to minimize your pain and improve your situation. Meditation is about clearing your mind and finding neutral thoughts. Incorporating these practices will help you to become present with your thoughts and wipe the slate clean.

To reduce pain, Dr. Tatta also recommends adding movement and a healthy diet into your lifestyle. Focus on increasing your movement a little more each day or week to increase your pain threshold. As your mobility increases, progress to building strength and incorporating high intensity interval training over time. With diet, Dr. Tatta recommends 95% of one’s core nutrition to consist of a whole foods diet. This can also help with leaky gut, which has pain implications in the form of autoimmune diseases.

To connect with Dr. Tatta or to learn more about Heal Your Pain Now, visit www.drjoetatta.com. To test the root cause of your pain, take a pain quiz at www.thepainquiz.com.


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