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June 29, 2016

Diane – a new way to look at goal setting

Diane has an incredibly inspiring story to share, including a new method of goal setting that can help all of us. Diane was born with an eye condition that caused deterioration of the retina. This condition caused her to be qualified as legally blind by age 10. She eventually lost all of her sight at some point between the ages of 30 and 35. However, that has not slowed her down. Today, Diane competes in triathlons and Iron Man competitions. Diane’s motto has always been that if she could find a way to do something, there was no reason not to do it.

Although she was blind, Diane engaged in activities such as tandem skydiving, driving a racecar, and repelling down the side of a 29-story building. When she was 47, a friend suggested that she try a triathlon. She immediately signed up for an Olympic-distance triathlon and has been participating in races ever since.

In addition to her great physical accomplishments, Diane has a great view on goal setting. In fact, she has always objected to the notion that she has vision loss. Thought she has lost her physical ability to see, she still has vision for who and what she can be and what she can achieve. Diane does not allow herself to set limits on what she can do. She always looks at SMART goals and says that often times, you won’t know if a goal is attainable or realistic until you try it. She recommends setting an initial goal that you want to achieve and making this goal number two. Then set another goal that is higher than what you originally thought possible. This is goal number one. Then, if everything is going against you, set a lower goal which would be goal number three. Diane says to aim for goal one, be happy with goal two, and be OK with goal three.

Diane believes that you have more in you than you think. Goal setting is the way to realize what you can achieve. To learn more or contact Diane, go to https://blindironvision.com/.


Robin sets a stretch goal

Goal setting

April 29, 2016

Goal setting

We all have goals. In fact, goal setting is an important process. If you have a strong commitment, then your goal is the map to your success. When we have goals, and are then able to meet those goals, we experience a great sense of accomplishment. This often pushes us forward to wanting to meet an even greater goal. But how do we set goals to maximize our opportunity for success?

First, you need to look at your life in a more strategic way. Think about what you really want out of life. If your goals are not congruent with what you want, then achieving that goal won’t have much meaning for you. And what would be the point of that? If your goal doesn’t fit your life, you’re not going to be passionate about it and are less likely to follow through.

A strong goal is a SMART one. Goals should be:

Specific – The goal should have a direct link to something you want to accomplish. It’s clear cut and finite.

Measurable – The goals should have a metric or milestone so that it’s clear when you have reached the goal.

Achievable or Attainable – The goal needs to be something that is within your capacity, though it should certainly be something that stretches you.

Relevant – The goal has to matter or make a difference to you. This will cause you to be motivated to stick with it.

Time-bound – The goal should include a specific amount of time within which you’re aiming to achieve it.

Do your goals have all five SMART elements? If not, what’s missing? If you need help fine tuning your goals, visit www.older.fitness/goal to sign in and receive a free worksheet to assist you in your goal setting.


Diane – a new way to look at goal setting