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Ditch the diet adopt a foodframe with Risa Groux

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On episode 639 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we meet Risa Groux and discuss her book, Foodframe: Diet is a Four-Letter Word.

Episode Notes

Introduction to Risa Groux and her Book Food Frame: Diet is a 4-Letter Word

– Risa Groux's perspective on healthy eating as a customized “eating lifestyle” rather than a “diet”

– The shortcomings of traditional diets and the need for a holistic approach to wellness

– Introduction to functional nutrition based on prevention, root cause analysis, interconnected body systems, and data-driven diagnostics

– Discussion on thyroid health and the complexity of thyroid function

Mindset and Nutritional Essential for Ultimate Health

– The importance of mindset for motivation and driving desire for rewards

– The essential components of quality nutrition: protein, fat, and fiber

Lifestyle Factors for Well-Being

– Emphasizing lifestyle factors such as movement, adequate sleep, stress reduction, unplugging, finding happiness, laughter, nature, and connecting with people for overall well-being

Risa Groux's Foodframe Methodology

– Introduction to the six foodframes: autoimmune protocol, Low lectin, Low fodmap, keto, paleo, and vegan, and the specific dietary restrictions and benefits tailored to different health conditions

– Discussion on individual efforts to support thyroid health, including dietary and lifestyle changes

Genetic Testing and Adequate Nutrition

– The use of genetic testing to determine dietary suitability, particularly for the keto diet

– Emphasizing the importance of real, non-processed foods and eating a lot of plants

Strategies and Tactics for Achieving and Maintaining Wellness

– Risa Groux's three suggested strategies or tactics to achieve and maintain wellness

Stool Testing and RGN Detox Program

– Discussion on Risa Groux's personal experience with finding the root cause of health issues through a stool test

– The significance and implications of stool testing on overall health

– Explanation of the RGN detox program for gentle liver detoxification and wellness, not based on starvation diet

Misconceptions About Detox and Cleanse Methods

– Addressing misconceptions about detox and cleanse methods

– The significance of adopting a dietary lifestyle change for wellness beyond weight loss

You can purchase Risa's Book, Foodframe on Amazon.

Music by Dave Gerhart


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