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September 19, 2016

5 Supplements You Should Consider Taking

Supplements are supplements

The first thing I want you to remember about supplements is that they are just that, supplements.  You should focus on getting your nutrients from real food and only use supplements to fill the gaps.  In this episode, I will link to some products (affiliate).  I take all of these supplements at some time or another throughout the year.

Fish Oil

I covered fish oil in detail in Episode 39, so I will just briefly discuss it here. The only place to get fish oil from real food is to consume fish. Many people struggle eating fish.  I recommend you try multiple species and preparations of fish before you completely give up on them.

The main caution with fish oil is that it can go bad. You should never take bad fish oil.  I recommend only buying good quality fish oil.  You should store fish oil in the refrigerator.  I also recommend checking a gel when you first purchase the oil and once every few weeks, if you keep it that long.

Creatine (EP 79)

I covered creating in episode 79, so here's a brief description and caution on creatine. Creatine has been show in many studies to not only improve muscular performance, but to have protective qualities for the brain.  Creatine causes muscles to hold more water, therefore you could retain as much as 5 – 7 lbs of water.  If you're a scale junkie, this might cause you some distress.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential. Fortunately, our bodies make vitamin D through sun exposure. Time indoors and sunscreens have severely cut the amount of sun we are exposed to on a daily basis. If you're not exposed to the sun on a regular basis or you live in places where there are lower exposure (far north), you may want to consider taking a vitamin D supplement. You can get a blood test to determine your status.


In episode 143, I explained how I am not using ketosis as a way to reduce fat and retain muscle mass.  As a result of my eating less than 50 total grams of carbohydrates, I'm limited in the volume and variety of fruits and vegetables I can eat in any given day.   To make sure I'm getting what I need, I'll add a multivitamin to my regimen.

Magnesium (sleep)

Magnesium has been shown to improve people fall asleep, stay asleep and have lucid dreams.  I find that taking a magnesium before bed helps me wake up more refreshed and I am more productive and creative.

As I noted at the beginning, you should look for ways to get the nutrients you need from real food.  When you can't, supplements can be valuable for maintaining health and maximizing your health.

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January 28, 2016

Should I be taking fish oil?

Today we will discuss the benefits of fish oil.

It should not come as a surprise that fish oil has many health benefits. The use of fish oil can improve heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's, eye-health, and arthritis. It is one of the best nutritional tools to improve heart and brain health.
What is it about fish oil that makes it so special?

Well, fish oil has a particular type of fat called omega 3 fatty acids. There are two components to that; EPA and DHA. Both of these have the mechanisms that help our hearts, eyes, and brains. They have benefits for individuals with diabetes. Even some studies have found fish oil may reduce the pain from women’s period. So, this is a pretty amazing substance.

The best source of fish oil is fish!

Yes, there are people who do not like fish much. They don’t like to taste a fish. But there are things that you can do to prepare it better. The advantage of taking fish is the protein it contains besides its oil. When you eat fish, you know a little more about it. So, make sure you pick a good quality fish.

But not all fish will give you equal benefits. There are some fish that are fatty than other fish. Some of the fish will not give you as much fish oil as you get eating same size or part of another fish. It is healthier to get wild and fresh fish instead of firm fishes.

How you cook and prepare fish for eating is important as well. You should try to cook the fish in a way that you can get the health benefits from it. If you want to fry something, make sure you use fatter oil is no going to break down or degrade.
If you are someone who does not like fish, there are some quality supplements in the market. But you have to be careful about the fish oil because if it breaks down and oxidizes, you can harm your body.

Understand the benefits of fish oil and make sure you're getting it from quality sources.

Links: Pub Med – Fish Oil

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