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11 Health and fitness enemies

Health and fitness enemies can prevent us from maximizing our progression unless we develop strategies to deal with them. Here are a few examples:

Happy Miserables – Stress

These people always look at the negative aspects of life and can bring you down, adding stress to your life. Recognize their negativity doesn’t have to impact you.

Drinking buddies

These are friends who want you to join them in their lifestyle of drinking and eating unhealthy foods. Find ways to join in socially without indulging, such as eating a clean dinner before you go out.

Potluck Planners

Potlucks are usually full of unhealthy foods. Bring a healthy item to share as well as additional healthy sides for yourself.

School fundraisers

Candy in the break room is a big threat. Instead, keep healthy snacks in your desk so you won’t be tempted.


Some people may want to compete at the gym. Stick to your plan and don’t fall into their trap.

Loiterers – Hogging equipment

These people will hog the gym equipment, texting, etc. Don't be shy, ask if you can step in between their sets.

Sick but pushing through

Germs can spread easily in the gym. If you’re sick, do your workout at home. Keep your distance from those who work out while sick.

Bad Personal Trainer

Ask around for a good personal trainer, one who will listen to you and help you reach your goals in a safe, effective way.

Well meaning friends and family

They may try to convince you that their way is best. Make health and fitness choices for yourself and don’t let them derail your progress.

Back stabbers

These people want you to fail, so stay away.

Nonparticipants in the home

You don’t have to prepare two meals if your family is not eating the same foods as you. Cook meals with meat, vegetables, and sides that allow everyone to pick and choose.

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