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Lose weight by eating with Audrey Johns

Audrey Johns is a weight loss blogger and author of the book, Lose Weight by Eating. The book shares tips and healthy recipes designed to encourage readers to eat nutritious foods that will keep them full and help raise their metabolism.

Audrey shatters the notion that to lose weight, one must be limited to a small amount of food. In fact, the key is the type of food that is eaten. Audrey recommends eating the best quality of food possible, including organic foods. Frozen produce can also be a great option for those on a budget.

The book contains four plans to suit different lifestyles and needs. A 15-question quiz helps readers decide which plan would suit them best. These four plans include:

  1. Detox Week – This is a 7-day plan that begins with a smoothie, salad, and healthy meal. This helps to jumpstart the metabolism and help people overcome plateaus. This is a great when trying to drop weight before an event.
  2. Detox Month – A modified plan that includes one week on Detox Week and one week on another plan, and then alternates back and forth.
  3. 3-Month Plan – Great for someone who wants to drop 30 pounds. Helps to jumpstart metabolism and easy to follow. This plan allows for a “free” day to splurge.
  4. Detox Lifestyle – A great option for pregnant and nursing moms and those who want to maintain weight loss. This is the easiest plan possible.

When going out to eat, Audrey recommends visiting restaurant websites and picking out healthier options. Choose grilled instead of fried. Consider splitting your meal with someone and get a side salad. Fill up on your water and keep asking for more. Look for meals that will be 50% vegetables. The key is to consume high-quality, nutritious, metabolism-boosting food.

To connect with Audrey or to learn more about Lose Weight by Eating, visit http://www.loseweightbyeating.com or Audrey’s Facebook page.


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