August 28, 2017

The longevity plan with Dr. John Day

Dr. John Day is an accomplished cardiologist, lecturer, and author of the new book The Longevity Plan. This book was inspired by Dr. Day’s experience in a geographically isolated village in China called Bapan where residents live long, healthy lives.

In his mid-40s, Dr. Day developed numerous health issues and felt awful. He learned about this remote village in China where people didn’t seem to grow old or get sick. Wanting to fix his own health problems and help his patients with same issues, he traveled to this village to learn more. He found that villagers grew their own food and did not eat processed foods, added sugars, or tobacco. They had adopted a lifestyle that allowed their bodies to naturally heal.

Lessons learned in Longevity Village have helped Dr. Day identify seven lessons that will help us live longer, healthier lives. These include:

1. Eat good (real) food
2. Master your mindset
3. Build your positive community
4. Stay in motion
5. Finding your rhythm
6. Maintain a clean environment
7. Proceed with purpose

Dr. Day also identifies a bonus lesson beyond the seven listed above. This bonus lesson is to focus on the one thing, which can vary from person to person and may change over the course of your life. To embrace all seven principles from the beginning can be too challenging, but he encourages people to focus on the area where they are most in need.

By applying these principles, we can reap the benefits experienced by those living in Longevity Village while still living the modern life. To learn more about The Longevity Plan or to connect with Dr. Day, visit http://www.drjohnday.com or http://www.thelongevityplan.com.


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