How to break through your health plateaus with Daniella Forrest

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On episode 638 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we meet Daniella Forrest and discuss her book, Own You Wellness: Giving You the Tools to Break Through Your Health Plateaus.

The Importance of Nutrition and Meal Planning

– Allan's experience with overeating and potential prediabetes

– Impact of food quality on hunger

– Affordability of high-quality food

– Challenges faced by families unable to buy organic or grass-fed food

Elements of a Movement Practice

– Getting the heart rate up

– Staying strong

– Maintaining balance

– Importance of movement for people with a stationary lifestyle or physical limitations

Focus on Overall Wellness

– Departing from a sole emphasis on weight loss

– Tying weight loss to a bigger purpose

– The role of self-talk and mental well-being in achieving wellness and weight loss goals

Strategies for Navigating Wellness Practices

– Encouraging individuals to apply information to their own lives

– Making hypotheses and testing them with personal experience

– Testing one thing at a time to assess effectiveness

– Adapting health and fitness approaches as one ages

Understanding the Causes of Obesity

– The concept of undernourishment due to a lack of nutrients in modern food supply

– Paying attention to hunger cues and avoiding overeating in response to psychological fears around hunger

– Challenging conventional diet mantras such as eating multiple meals throughout the day

Daily Aches and Pains, and Achieving Wellness

– Daniella's experiences with daily aches and pains

– Factors contributing to aches and pains, including sleeping positions, physical activity, diet, and age

– The importance of movement in achieving wellness and recommendations for eliminating unhealthy foods and undergoing health tests

– Addressing potential health issues to achieve and maintain wellness

Importance of Balance, Flexibility, and Rest

– The crucial role of balance and flexibility in aging to prevent issues

– The significance of rest and recovery for muscle growth and overall well-being

– The necessity of stimulation, feeding, and rest for muscle strength and stamina

– The risks of overdoing the same exercise without rest and potential pain or injury

– Chronic pain not being a normal part of aging and needing to be addressed

Conclusion and Resources

– Highlighting Daniella Forrest's book, Own Your Wellness: Giving You the Tools to Break Through Your Health Plateaus.

– Daniella's website and where to purchase her book

Music by Dave Gerhart


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