July 15, 2016

The green smoothie prescription | Susan Boutenko

Dr. Victoria Boutenko is an inventor, researcher, and teacher of classes on healthy living and raw foods. She is also the author of The Green Smoothie Prescription.

Dr. Boutenko was always interested in human health. She discovered raw food as an alternative to the standard American diet and began researching how to consume greens in a more palatable way. After all, the benefits of consuming these greens were clear. She saw an improvement in her skin, nails, and energy level. The scientific proof of its results are included in her new book.

She explains that smoothies and juices are different. While juices are just as nutritious, smoothies are easier to prepare because the process takes only two to three minutes. Also, the fiber and antioxidants in smoothies allow them to stay fresh for up to three days in the fridge. This fiber also doesn’t allow the sweet juices from apples or pears to be absorbed too fast by the body. This is how consuming green smoothies can normalize one’s blood sugar. The magnesium included also helps to heal the pancreas, lower sugar, and reduce insulin resistance. This is another reason why green smoothies are a great option for people who have diabetes.

Some of the main essential nutrients in green smoothies include magnesium, which allows bones to be flexible and dense. Green leaves are almost the only source of magnesium. A lack of magnesium can lead to diabetes, depression, and heart disease. Potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C are other essential nutrients found in green smoothies.

With green smoothies, the food is the medicine. Consuming such a nutrient dense food will provide your body with all that it needs, which will allow you to eat less food and possibly lose weight. Foraging for greens can also allow you to save money, enjoy your environment, and get some exercise. To learn more, visit www.rawfamily.com.

The Green Smoothie Prescription contains great smoothie recipes that address certain conditions and improve your health.

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