Breaking the stronghold of food with Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael L. Brown is the founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry and the author of a new book entitled, Breaking the Stronghold of Food. In the book, Dr. Brown and his wife Nancy share the story of how they changed their food-addicted lifestyle to one that prioritizes health and fitness.

Dr. Brown explains that fitness is the foundation that allows you to do everything else in your life that you want to accomplish. He states that taking good care of yourself through health and fitness is being a good steward of your body, which is important on both a personal and spiritual level.

Like many people, Dr. Brown once sought a quick fix to improve his health. Though he had his life together in certain areas, he was struggling with his health and was looking for a quick answer. He tried energy pills and fat creams, aiming to speed his metabolism and lose weight. After trying all of these and seeing no results, he realized that the key is to make fundamental changes to one’s lifestyle. Doing so will reap benefits in an overwhelming proportion.

Dr. Brown’s wife, Nancy, utilized Dr. Joel Furman’s micronutrient-rich philosophy to change her health. Once she saw success, Dr. Brown knew he needed her assistance to make changes in his own life. With Nancy’s guidance, Dr. Brown was able to change his relationship with food and revitalize his health. Part of this success stems from being “all in” when it comes to eating the right foods. The motivation to live a healthy life and be around long-term for loved ones are important drivers to succeed.

To connect with Dr. Brown, to get more information, or to purchase Breaking the Stronghold of Food, visit www.askdrbrown.org.


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