The 7 principles of stress with Ori Hofmekler

Ori Hofmekler is an acclaimed author on the topic of diet and health whose new book, The 7 Principles of Stress, shares how people can live their best lives while under stress.

Ori explains that chronic stress occurs when the body experiences prolonged stress, which can actually cause damage. Several signs of overstressing include chronic fatigue, anxiety, craving sweet foods, and weight fluctuation.

The human fight or flight reaction allows the body to respond to stress very quickly. Over many years, this mechanism evolved for short reactions. However, in today’s age, we find ourselves in states of prolonged stress, creating a chronic situation of stress, where the stress hormone becomes dysfunctional and the metabolic system can be destroyed.

Ori explains 7 principles of stress:

  1. Exposure to low level stress yield resiliency to high level stress
  2. Reach maximum resiliency to stress
  3. Low dose of toxin can help relieve and prevent respective toxicity
  4. Energy deficit is the key factor
  5. Excess of energy shortens life
  6. Stress must be intermittent, never chronic
  7. Resiliency to stress extends virility

One area of confusion surrounds the topic of antioxidants. Despite the production of oxidants, people stay alive well under stress. This is because oxidative radicals signal the body to produce its own antioxidants. These are essential for one’s life and longevity and they cannot be bought. Yet when synthetic antioxidants are introduced into the body, these shut down one’s defenses and prohibit the production of powerful antioxidants, making one vulnerable to damage. Synthetic antioxidants should be avoided.

Ori describes three parameters for staying young:

  1. Fast more, eat less and introduce stress mimicking nutrients
  2. Avoid substances that inhibit your stress response system, including sugar, chemical additives, and GMOs
  3. Exercise while fasting

To connect with Ori Hofmekler or to learn more about The 7 Principles of Stress, visit http://www.defensenutrition.com or http://www.orihofmekler.com.


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