March 8, 2017

Down 65 pounds | Rick Force

Rick Force, a listener of the podcast, shares his health and fitness journey and how he was able to lose 65 pounds.

Though Rick always considered himself an active, athletic person, he always seemed to carry more weight. Within the last 10 years, he started to feel the effects of the extra weight and took action. He began exercise routines, dropped some weight, and felt pretty good. However, after experiencing injuries and taking time off, he would slide backwards into his old habits.

Things changed for Rick after he read a book called Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog. It was then that he realized the key was the food he had been eating. As a result, Rick made changes in his lifestyle. He limited his sugar and carb intake and trained his body to burn fat for energy.

A typical day of eating for Rick now includes coffee with coconut oil and a touch of cream, followed by a lunch around noon consisting of eggs, vegetables, and a protein such as chicken. He may have a snack before officiating a sports game in the evening, usually cucumber. If he’s hungry after the game, he’ll eat steam cooked green beans and sausage or chicken. His energy levels have never been higher and his food intake has never been lower.

Rick encourages others modeling this lifestyle to eat when they’re hungry. He also suggests combining long-term and short-term goals to keep yourself on track and stay focused. Plateaus will occur in your weight loss journey; just stay focused and keep working at it.

The true measure of health is that you have the ability to do what you want to do physically. Weight loss might be a part of the equation, but it’s not the complete picture of health.

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