11 Health and fitness objections

There are many health and fitness objections, but many of them don’t hold up. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Bad genetics – Your genetic potential is to be a better person. With the right amount of work and managing your health, you can accomplish any goal. Mindset is key. Your body will follow.
  2. Tried everything – It’s not about the temporary fix. To make change, you must fix your lifestyle.
  3. Boredom – A good walk outside is never boring. Many different machines in the gym will keep you entertained. There are options to increase variety.
  4. Don’t want to get bulky – Those who get bulky often have genetic advantages and are using supplements. Focus on being lean and strong.
  5. Intimidated by the gym – Consider hiring a personal trainer to introduce you to the equipment. Check out a gym before joining to be sure you feel comfortable and perhaps work out with a friend.
  6. Unsupportive spouse – Have a conversation with your spouse about your goals and gaining their support. Encourage them to join you.
  7. Can’t move like that – You’re not competing with others. You are competing with you. Over time, you will improve your mobility, strength, and endurance.
  8. No time – This really shows a lack of priority. Make a commitment and schedule time on your calendar.
  9. Illness – Don’t go to the gym if you are sick. Instead, try doing your workout at home.
  10. Injury – There are ways to work around your injury. Avoid the area of injury, but focus on other areas of your body.
  11. Don’t know where to start – First, solidify your goal and assemble the program to get you there. Consider hiring a personal trainer or joining the Surefire Results for Weight Loss

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Meenu Gakhar - October 12, 2020 Reply

Very true problems that make a person hesitant to start up a new health regime, but no-one talks about these so explicitly. Nice to hear from you on this topic.

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