The worst part of a western diet | Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes is a well-known science writer and the author of a new book called The Case Against Sugar.

In this book, Gary examines why sugar is perhaps the worst aspect of any western diet. He explains that this is a relatively new stance, as nutrition policies from the 1970s and onward instead targeted fat content. The popular implication was that sugar was largely benign.

Conventional thinking on sugar is that it’s empty calories. It was often said that people get fat because they consume more calories than they expend. In actuality, different foods cause different hormonal responses, which can impact the storing of fat. The unique metabolism of a glucose and fructose combination can cause an endocrine response and lead to health issues.

Gary also speaks about the link between cancer and sugar. Research has shown that insulin stimulates tumor growth and metastases. Elevated blood sugar and insulin levels will fuel tumor progression and metastases. Whatever causes this insulin resistance will exacerbate existing cancer, and could possibly promote it. The best response is to prevent insulin resistance by removing the sugars and white flours from one’s diet, thus minimizing the risk of cancer.

Alzheimer’s disease is also being linked to sugar. The primary argument states that whatever causes insulin resistance will increase the likelihood of manifesting dementia of any kind.

In the end, we must weigh the risk and decide for ourselves how much sugar we consume. We must balance the desire to enjoy our lives, while also living long, healthy lives. For many of us, it may be easier to avoid sugar than to try and consume it in moderation.

To connect with Gary Taubes or to learn more about The Case Against Sugar, visit www.garytaubes.com.

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