May 3, 2017

Using Essential Oils with Kac Young

Kac Young is an essential oil enthusiast and expert who shares her wisdom on the subject throughout her new book, The Healing Art of Essential Oils.

Kac explains that essential oils are actually concentrated chemical compounds from plants that work with our bodies to help to solve common problems. However, she warns that we must be cautious and careful about how we use them.

Some characteristics of essential oils include:
1. Healers
2. Holistic
3. Sacred
4. Natural
5. Green
6. Valuable
7. Complementary to human life
8. Simple
9. Potent
10. Magical

When first starting out with essential oils, it’s important to know the basics. Some important highlights include:

1. Use organic or wildcrafted oils to get the product in its purest form.
2. Always dilute the oils and perform a patch test before using.
3. Do not use them on children under the age of five and follow guidelines for the elderly and pregnant women.
4. Do not use the oils around your eyes, ears, or genital areas.
5. Keep the lids on tight, store them in a cool, dark area, and keep them away from pets and children.
6. Be mindful of expiration dates and dispose of the oils correctly.

Common uses of essential oils include freshening your bathroom, deodorizing your fridge, neutralizing pet odor, refreshing your carpet, repelling rodents, soothing headaches, loosening stiff joints, and much more.

Kac recommends that people educate themselves on the use of essential oils and find what works for them. Be sure to purchase your oils from a reputable distributor.

To connect with Kac or to learn more about The Healing Art of Essential Oils, visit http://www.healingartofessentialoils.com.


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