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May 5, 2016

The age fix | Dr. Anthony Youn

Dr. Anthony Youn is a nationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon. He is a leader in field of plastic surgery and has been featured on GMA, Today, and CNN, just to name a few. He is also the author of The Age Fix.

The Age Fix examines typical aging concerns and offers practical tips that don’t involve surgery.  In fact, the book is intended to be an avenue of information for people who don’t have access to a plastic surgeon. It is truly a head to toe guide, covering such typical issues as age spots, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

One typical area of concern is stretch marks. Dr. Youn explains that stretch marks are tears in the deeper part of the skin. Unfortunately, there is no way to erase them, though a fractional laser treatment can improve their appearance. Another issue is loose skin, especially after a dramatic weight loss. This can only be treated surgically.

Dr. Youn also explains that there are several factors that accelerate the aging process of our skin. The most detrimental is excess sunlight. Dr. Youn recommends applying SPF 30 sunscreen to your face every morning. Sunblock is best used on the body. He also recommends that children do not use sunscreen spray, as the ingredients may be problematic to their hormonal balance.

Smoking is another area of concern. Smoking decreases blood supply and circulation, leaving skin to appear wrinkled and without a healthy glow. The foods we eat can also have an aging effect. Excess sugar intake can cause inflammation, possibly leading to skin aging and acne. The worst food to consume is soda pop.

Finally, alcohol is another substance that is not recommended. One exception is a daily glass of red wine, as it contains helpful antioxidants that can combat free radicals. However, more than one glass can become detrimental.

If you exercise regularly and avoid these problematic factors that can age your skin, you can look younger without undergoing plastic surgery. To connect with Dr. Youn directly or to purchase The Age Fix, visit www.dryoun.com.


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