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Tammy success and lessons learned

Tammy is closing out her 10-week program and sharing her success story and lessons learned. At the beginning of her program, she made a commitment. That commitment remains strong today, as she is dedicated to moving forward in her health and fitness journey.

During these 10 weeks, Tammy experienced some challenges. She continued to work through health issues that came up. She has had issues with her back and is committed to working through these issues with a doctor, as this is really part of her overall wellness and an important foundation of her physical health. Though sometimes her issues caused her to be unable to work out, she knew that she couldn’t let that keep her down.

Tammy learned that it is one’s diet, and not necessarily exercise, that is the real key to the equation. She acquired the patience to stick with a solid eating plan over time and really began to focus on the type of food she was eating and making healthier choices.

As a result, Tammy is now fitting back into clothes haven’t fit her for quite some time. She has lost about 25 pounds and reduced her stomach and waist measurement significantly. She’s been a great partner along this journey with her husband, John. Tammy has even shared her experience with co-workers, who are now starting to make some changes in their own health as well.

Tammy now says “no” to so many foods that she never thought she could go without. After this experience, she looks at sweets and knows she doesn’t need them. The lessons that Tammy has learned over the past 10 weeks will continue to pay dividends as she continues this new healthier lifestyle in the future. Tammy knows success is in her future.



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