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Keto comfort foods with Maria Emmerich

Maria Emmerich is a wellness expert and best-selling author of The Ketogenic Cookbook. In her new book, Keto Comfort Foods, she shares comfort food recipes and tips for those following a ketogenic diet.

Maria explains that we are often told that it’s wrong to see food as pleasurable, yet eating nourishing foods should excite us. One way to incorporate a sweet taste in your recipes without using traditional sweeteners is by using Stevia Glycerite. This can be found at any health foods store. Stevia Glycerite is thick like honey and is a great substitute for the sweet flavor that you lack in the keto diet. Best of all, it won’t spike your blood sugar.

Maria also discusses the difference between good fats and bad fats. We are often told that saturated fats are bad, yet they serve an important role in our body, such as making our healthy hormones. Saturated fats are heat-stable and come from nature. The main type of fat to avoid is the trans fats.

Maria also explains how to find good, healthy eggs. She recommends not focusing solely on the color of the egg, as brown eggs are not always better. The term “cage-free” means that the hens are not in cages, but they may be in barns and not ever see the light of day. Consider purchasing locally sourced eggs where you know what the chickens are being fed and how they are being raised.

Maria’s favorite recipes from the book include Bananas Foster for Two, Deconstructed Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Pizza Waffles, Chicken Parmesan Mini Meatloaf, and BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.

To connect with Maria or to learn more about Keto Comfort Foods, visit http://www.mariamindbodyhealth.com, her Facebook Page Keto Adapted, or on Instagram @MariaEmmerich.


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Keto tastes great with Maria Emmerich

Keto tastes great with Maria Emmerich

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist and best-selling author whose new book, The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, includes both ketogenic information and recipes. She emphasizes a well-formulated ketogenic diet, and believes that if people try it for 30 days, they will feel amazing and will love the food.

Maria explains that ketosis is the process of transforming from a sugar burner to a fat burner through consuming moderate amounts of protein, healthy fats, and limiting carbohydrates. Making this transition will involve a sort of carbohydrate withdrawal for those who previously consumed a standard American diet. To manage this, Maria recommends ensuring appropriate hydration and possibly adding some salt to the diet, as our bodies will be lacking water and electrolytes. Simply find the right balance of all key nutrients.

Cutting out dairy products is also important, as it can cause allergies and raise blood sugar which can keep people from achieving their health goals. An overfeeding day is recommended once per week on the ketogenic diet. Consider boosting your calorie intake that day to 3,000, as this will trick the thyroid. Intermittent fasting is a natural state with ketosis, as it is a natural side effect of being satisfied. Mental clarity has also been associated with being in these fasted states.

Maria also recommends a detox from bad estrogens. Consistent alcohol consumption can cause estrogen dominance and may lead to restless sleep or anxiety. Chemicals in our makeup, lotions, and toiletries are also causing increased estrogen levels. These products should be avoided altogether to prevent the ingestion of these toxins which cannot be digested or eliminated properly.

To connect with Maria Emmerich or learn more about The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, visit www.mariamindbodyhealth.com.

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