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July 3, 2017

How to live until you die with Dr. Phil Carson

Dr. Phil Carson is a certified consultant pharmacist, life coach, and the founder of Carson Natural Health. He is also an accomplished speaker and author of the new book, How To Live Until You Die. In this book, Dr. Phil explains the importance of maintaining balance in your overall life and provides tips and tools to help you keep your body, soul, and spirit in balance.

Dr. Phil uses the acronym NEWSSSS to remind readers what areas they should focus on to maintain balance in their lives. NEWSSSS includes:

Nutrition—deficiencies can cause many health problems
Exercise—start somewhere and be part of a consistent exercise routine
Water—keep hydrated to avoid effects of dehydration
Sleep—important for maintaining or losing weight
Supplements—use food source nutrients instead of synthetic supplements
Soul— emotional or mental trauma can disrupt the body physically as well
Spirit—prayer, meditation, and volunteering can do wonders for our health

Dr. Phil also establishes some basic nutrition rules. Some of these include:

1. Avoid the seven major toxins, including artificial sweeteners
2. Eat real food and avoid processed food
3. Eat balanced meals on a regular schedule
4. Do a genetic assessment to determine what is nutritionally best for you

In regards to exercise, Dr. Phil recommends keeping it simple and finding something that you love to do. Engage in some type of physical activity and be consistent. Find someone to keep you accountable and make the activity part of your everyday schedule.

To learn more about How To Live Until You Die or to connect with Dr. Phil, visit http://www.carsonnatural.com or http://www.howtoliveuntilyoudie.com. You can also learn more via The Feeling Good Podcast.



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