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November 21, 2016

Big fat food fraud with Jeff Scot Philips

In this episode of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we speak with Jeff Scott Philips.  In his book, Big Fat Food Fraud, he takes us through his past as a health food manufacturer.  It is a very interesting story that provides great insight into the way food labels are done in this country.  It is quite eye-opening.

Food Fraud

Government Control (or lack thereof)

Despite having an onsight monitor, Jeff learned that this individual wasn't so much a controlling factor, but was more of an enabler. Additionally, because the laws are so complex, many labeling issues fall through the cracks between organizations. While this comes off as frustrating to someone who wants to do the right thing, it provides a ton of opportunity for those who want to make health claims.


Food companies can use many different tactics to misrepresent the food in the package.  The food label, while intended to show you what is in the food, is seen by the food companies as just another part of the package for marketing their product.  From rounding, to burying ingredients in other “ingredients”, to using other names for things you may be looking to avoid, these tactics allow them to skirt the rules.

Kale and Broccoli don't have labels

Real food doesn't pose the same labeling risks processed foods do.  When you're making your own meals from whole food ingredients, you can know much more about the contents of what you're eating.


Big Fat Food Fraud

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