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Eat wheat with Dr. John Douillard

Dr. John Douillard is a recognized leader in the field of natural health and the author of the new book, Eat Wheat. Though gluten-free diets are popular today, they involve significant risks, including an increased amount of mercury in one’s diet, more bad bacteria in the gut, and less killer T-cells. Dr. Douillard explains that wheat in its whole grain form actually has incredible health benefits.

Today, many try to chase their digestive problems by removing foods like wheat from their diet. Dr. Douillard explains that the issues are indicative of a greater problem; specifically, they do not have the digestive strength that they once did. To fix this, they must detoxify and reboot the lymphatic and digestive systems and avoid processed foods.

The consumption of processed fats can lead to congestion of the liver and gall bladder. Bile becomes thick and viscous. To reboot the lymphatic system, one’s bile function must be improved through becoming a better fat burner again. This can be accomplished by consuming bile-moving foods such as apples, beets, celery, and artichokes. Certain spices such as ginger and cumin can help the stomach produce acid and improve digestion. They can also help the liver produce bile and promote more pancreatic enzymes in the body. Foods containing antioxidants such as cranberries, cherries, and leafy greens are also helpful.

Dr. Douillard also points out the importance of avoiding grazing. Humans are better fat burners when they eat three quality meals per day, as the body burns fat to provide energy between meals. To connect with Dr. Douillard or to learn more about his new book, visit www.lifespa.com.

Eat Wheat – Grain Brain Debate

Eat Wheat

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Is wheat poison?

Is wheat poison?

Cindi O'meara is a nutritionist who in her effort to heal herself and determine if wheat is poison, made the documentary “What's with Wheat.”  In this documentary, Cindy brings together some of the best experts on health and fitness to discuss what we've done to wheat over the last several decades and what it is doing to our bodies.

In a search for optimizing her own longevity, Cindi started an elimination diet.  Within days she had lost weight and was looking and feeling great.  As she reintroduced food, she recognized that wheat was a problem for her.  Shortly after her discovery, books began coming out on the dangers of wheat.

Is wheat poison today?

As hunter-gathers, we were nomads.  Once we could cultivate crops, we were able to settle in towns and cities.  This made civilization possible.

In the 1920s we began having the first shelf stable foods.  Finding we were developing vitamin deficiencies, food companies began fortifying foods with artificial vitamins.  Then in the 1970s we began developing hybrids and spraying the wheat with chemicals.

And one of the core differences, we are exposed to much more wheat through our food, cosmetics, etc.

Elimination Diets

Cindi used an elimination diet to get healthier, and she provides a guide for doing a four-week elimination-style diet.  Many people shy away from dropping wheat and grains from their diet.  While this is not the easiest of protocols, it is typically only temporary for most foods.  It is only the foods that make you sick that you'll have to avoid after the initial period.



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