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John success and lessons learned

John has reached the end of his 10-week program, however there is no end in sight to his massive lifestyle change. He’s sharing a bit about his success and a few lessons learned over the past 10 weeks.

First, John recognizes that this was not a program or diet, but a re-education of the healthy lifestyle he should be leading. During this process, John has seen much success. He is now able to enjoy food that does not contain sugar. He now understands why the sugar would affect him and chooses to find healthier food options. He has more willpower than he ever imagined. The biggest lesson he learned is that he is fully in control. He was tired of making excuses for himself. Once he made the decision to change his life and realized he was in control of his path, he was able to make large gains.

Measuring himself became a reality check as to where he started versus where he now stands. His stomach has gone from 47” to 41 1/2”. He has lost almost three inches in his chest, two inches in his waist, three inches in his hips, and three inches in each upper thigh. John feels more empowered than ever before.

However, these successes did not occur without challenges. He had to learn to moderate his drinking, after realizing that beer and alcohol contain sugar that was impacting his results. While he doesn’t want to stop going out socially, he now has the tools to compensate for a drink here or there by adjusting his intake prior to or after having an alcoholic beverage.

John has lost 38 pounds overall. He’s seen his A1C levels drop significantly and plans to be off his medication by October. He’s sharing his lessons learned with others in his life and encourages them to take control of their own health. Once John realized he was in control, success was easily in his future.


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