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January 29, 2016

Robin sets a stretch goal

Robin’s health and fitness path was not a direct one. She weighed 350 pounds and had undergone several unsuccessful attempts to lose the weight. She kept all her emotions bottled up and used food to fill any voids. However, she soon found herself with some big goals.

After her mother passed away, Robin’s brother kept encouraging her to do something about her health. She went to the doctor, who told her that her life would be shortened if she didn’t take action. A month later, Robin was diagnosed with high blood pressure and needed medication. She knew it was time to act.   A friend introduced her to My Fitness Pal and she began tracking the food she was eating and finding support among the online community. This, coupled with the support of her friends and family, made her thrive.

She joined a new gym in town and began working with a personal trainer. This trainer helped her see what she could handle at the beginning of her journey. Her trainer had her walking on a treadmill for a minute, then jogging for 30 seconds. Though it was tough, it made her hungry to run even more. Running was the only time that her mind could let go and she felt free and clear.

Since she had this newfound love to run, Robin made a stretch goal to run a half-marathon. Before the race began, she had her doubts. Could she really do it? Did she belong to be out there with everyone else? When the race began, she knew she was right where she belonged and she successfully finished the race.

For Robin, one key to success was having a specific goal in mind—something to work toward. She also credits the support of her friends, family, and the online community of My Fitness Pal. Having a workout buddy and doing food prep were also critical components that worked for Robin. All of these elements created the exact formula necessary for Robin to reach her goals.

Diane – a new way to look at goal setting

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