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May 16, 2016

We are 100! Best of the past.

To celebrate episode 100, we’re looking back on the top downloaded podcasts that included subject matter experts.

In episode 48, Julie Suzette dives deeper into mindfulness. She explained that you can condition the body to enable meditation and mindfulness. This could involve relearning how to breathe, which can be difficult, though you will learn to breathe in more deeply which can reduce stress. Yoga is also a great option for becoming more mindful, as there are many different styles of yoga to try, including hot yoga or restorative-style yoga.

We spoke with Jimmy Moore in episode 23, who discussed ketosis. Jimmy explained that ketosis is when you allow your body to become a fat burning machine rather than sugar burning machine. To shift to fat burning, you should get rid of sources of sugar, so the body can run efficiently on fat and a byproduct of fat called ketones. Obviously losing weight is a benefit of ketosis, but it also decreases your hunger. Your mood can stabilize, allowing clear thinking. Energy levels can also improve in ketosis.

In episode 74, Dr. Vincent Pedre discussed the microbiomes of our gut, which includes trillions of bacteria. Depending on the type of food you eat, you have the potential to grow bad bacteria in your gut. Because of this, the biggest source of healing starts in the kitchen. What we eat actually controls how genes are expressed. Our health is in crisis because the root of many diseases is inflammation from our gut.

In episodes 53 and 58, Dr. Michael Greger explained the positive effects of a plant-based diet, especially in regards to preventing and even reversing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

In episode 77, Dr. Jason Fung discussed the problem with obesity. He explained that long-term diets are the issue to solve. It’s not simply what we eat, but when we eat that makes a difference. It is helpful to make one’s diet intermittent and break the cycle of insulin resistance, which can lead to obesity.

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