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April 9, 2024

How to get and stay health with Dr. Sharon Malone

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On episode 637 of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, we meet Dr. Sharon Malone and discuss her book, Grown Woman Talk: Your Guide to Getting and Staying Healthy.


Topics covered on this episode

1. The impact of family history on health and obesity: Listeners will learn from Dr. Sharon Malone's family history how lifestyle and eating habits can significantly influence obesity, despite a history of active lifestyles in previous generations.

2. Strategies for wellness and mental health: Dr. Malone and Coach Allan discuss the importance of being physically and mentally healthy while maintaining a strong community, emphasizing the need for intergenerational conversations among women about health.

3. Taking control of healthcare and medication management: The episode covers polypharmacy, the importance of understanding and managing medications, being proactive in discussing potential side effects, and ways to ensure better comprehension of medical instructions, such as bringing a companion to appointments or recording conversations.

4. Factors to consider in choosing a healthcare provider: Dr. Malone provides valuable insights into researching and selecting a doctor, including evaluating a doctor's background, interaction during inquiries, office logistics, and follow-up procedures for emergencies. She also emphasizes the importance of creating a medical family tree to understand family health history.

5. Understanding weight gain after 40 and managing menopausal weight changes: Listeners will gain insight into the combination of aging and menopause as factors contributing to weight gain for women, including the impact of fat accumulation and changes in body composition. The episode also provides strategies for managing weight through lifestyle changes, exercise, and prioritizing metabolic health.

Music by Dave Gerhart


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