November 16, 2016

Positively Resilient with Doug Hensch

Doug Hensch is a certified executive coach, consultant, corporate trainer, and author of Positively Resilient. In this book, Doug examines the central theme that, “you can bounce back from anything.”

We all have different ways of getting through the difficult times in life. Many times, you will realize that you have crossover skills from a previous difficulty you overcame that will help you through a current challenge. The approach of this book is that you can bounce back from any physical, mental, or professional calamity.

Doug explains that optimism is a skill. While some people are naturally optimistic, it is a skill which you can build. The key is to focus on the positive, while not denying the negative. Channel your energy toward what is controllable and exhibit a realistic, not forced, sense of optimism.

One way to drive optimism is through setting goals. When you achieve small goals every day, your optimism is more effective because it is coming from your own success rather than simply being told to be optimistic. You are the best example of your own optimism. Use those accomplishments as fuel to be a better you tomorrow. Focus on incrementalism and build momentum.

While some perceive quitting as a negative, it can be used to be more resilient. Many people are stuck in situations they don’t like, whether personal or professional. Identify your deeply held values and made decisions accordingly. You may find that quitting something that’s not serving you could mean opening another door to winning.

To learn more about Positively Resilient or to connect with Doug Hensch directly, visit www.drh-group.com. You can also find Doug on Twitter at @doughensch.

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