August 15, 2016

Play Golf Forever | Suzanne Clark

Yes, we're staying on our “play” theme for just one more episode.  In episode 136, I explained how playing sports can help keep you motivated to workout as a way of improving your performance on the court, field, or in this case, golf course.  Our guest, Suzanne Clark, author of Play Golf Forever, shows you how to make sure that you're in shape for golf, but these lessons are applicable to any sport you choose to do.

Key take aways from this episode:

Sarcopenia is a muscle wasting that affects us as we age.  It can begin as early as age 30.  Most of us will lose 1% of our muscle mass each year, which means we've lost 30% or more by the time we're in our 60s.  Resistance exercise is the best way to slow or stop sarcopenia.

To avoid injury on the course, players should:

  • Get lessons: Taking golf lessons will ensure you're swinging the club properly and help you avoid injury.
  • Conditioning:  Having an “off the course” workout program can ensure your body is properly conditioned for the game.
  • Warm up: Have a regimen of warming up before you practice or play.  Having your muscles warm and primed for the work ahead does matter and so many golfers skip this step.

With attention to your body you can ensure you stay healthy and uninjured.  And then you can play golf forever.

Contact Suzanne Clark at: Fitter Forever

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