March 2, 2016

Plant-based diet | the plant trainers

In this episode, we talk with Shoshana and Adam Chaim who are “Plant Trainers” on a mission to improve the quality of life through nutrition and fitness.   They will walk us through their personal journey of transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Their journey to a plant-based diet began after a health scare.   In the process of researching his health issue, Adam became intrigued and eventually inspired by the plant based lifestyles he was reading about.   He decided to make an immediate transition.

Shoshana’s transition to a plant-based diet was not as immediate.   And while her path was different, eventually she and Adam began expanding their knowledge base on how plant-based nutrition would be the appropriate route for them and their family.   The end result was soaring energy levels, weight loss, glowing skin and other benefits.

Today, Shoshana and Adam Chaim host “The Plant Trainers Podcast.”   They are actively involved in providing personalized plans focusing on nutrition, motivation, fitness no matter what lifestyle you choose.   Learn more about The Plant Trainers and plant-based diets via their website: planttrainers.com

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